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How To Use Convenience In A Sentence?

  • The simplicity of the plan was as little to be denied as its convenience was obvious.
  • They had all the convenience of the most luxurious staterooms of the trans-oceanic liners.
  • They are celebrated at irregular intervals according to the convenience of the givers.
  • I have consulted convenience of reference in interweaving the alphabetical index with the context.
  • Cards for receptions are a necessary convenience in this era of lengthy visiting lists.
  • The convenience and the accommodation of the man with a small account count for very little.
  • It smells as if the cask had been placed for the convenience of passers-by on the wayside.
  • But from the standpoint of convenience and economy there is undoubtedly much room for a choice.
  • Milk preserved in tins is excellent, but it is too bulky for the convenience of most travellers.
  • This was, it was asserted, for the convenience both of the family and the travellers.
  • The service portion is well arranged both for convenience of labor and comfort of the domestics.
  • This arrangement makes travelling very easy, and was a great convenience for me.
  • So come up to the hall at your earliest convenience and let us discuss details.
  • It is the spirit we want, for the promotion of social convenience and propriety.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Convenience | Convenience Sentence

  • I was a great convenience to him.
  • Contrast them in convenience and in picturesqueness.
  • It has been generated for the convenience of the reader.
  • It is provided here for the convenience of the reader.
  • It is a convenience to employ a large unit.
  • Every dainty convenience was within its walls.
  • Usage and individual convenience led to the same result.
  • Economy as well as convenience will affect your decision.
  • A marriage of convenience is an unwise thing.
  • In our buildings we study convenience rather than ornament.
  • They've no thought for people's convenience here.
  • They are simply a convenience to the European trader.
  • I said I thought it might be a convenience to him.
  • Hence there was both economy and convenience in the illicit arrangement.
  • The numbers are for your convenience and not for the convenience of the bank.
  • Neither convenience nor custom can release her from the office.
  • Across it a plank had been placed for the convenience of fishermen and others.
  • The convenience of these chests for hall use has been accepted.
  • The table of contents has been added for the convenience of readers.
  • Next to convenience is fitness to years and condition in life.
  • And its convenience on a cruise of this sort outweighed any minor faults.
  • For mutual convenience please send a remittance with each order.
  • They lived almost without the convenience of coinage as a means of exchange.
  • A ball placed upon a little mound for convenience of striking.
  • The ends of the plat were left open for convenience in horse cultivation.
  • At that end was a little gas jet kept burning as a convenience to smokers.

Definition of Convenience

to make convenient | The quality of being convenient. | Any object that makes life more convenient; a helpful item.
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