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  • We can't convey a clean an' satisfactory title.
  • Not I: moreover I will convey them straight.
  • But these fine words convey a promise which is not at once fulfilled.
  • A couple of farm wagons were pressed into service to convey the wounded.
  • Recognition might convey some danger, at least inconvenience.
  • He only assured the General that he would convey his invitation.
  • Helpe me, deare sister, to convey from hence The spectacle of inhumanitie.
  • My honorable name, honorable sir, is Pu-Yi, which will convey nothing to you.

How To Use Convey In A Sentence?

  • It is hard to convey that quality of intellectual unison to any one who has not experienced it.
  • The duke touched her arm to convey that this was not the moment in which to betray her temper.
  • These all convey the idea of the adjacent conducting plates separated by insulating material.
  • Wherever possible it is endeavoured to convey latex from field to factory by man-power.
  • We can use these words, but they do not convey to the mind any real and tangible meaning.
  • The sound is pleasant to the ear; but what sense is it intended to convey to the mind?
  • Was there nobody who would help her, no one by whom she could convey at least a message?
  • I cannot convey to you the intolerable wretchedness and rebellion of my separation from Isabel.
  • An honest finite being uses the best words, in his judgment, to convey his meaning.
  • But it is hard to convey the Pinky Dinky idea, for all that it meant so much to us.
  • He thought he had told his story in such a way as to convey the moral without disclosing that he spoke of himself.
  • They had solemnly agreed that he who should die first, should convey to the other some information about the future state.
  • But there are other utterances of ornament, and other general expressions which decorative forms convey to the mind.
  • If it does not convey a positive certainty on the subject, send this letter at once to the base creature!
  • Nothing can be clearer than that the writer of this account intended to convey, and did convey the idea that the flood was universal.
  • It is impossible to conceive of language that can more clearly convey the idea of a universal flood than that found in the inspired account.
  • But if he wished to convey the impression of a man at his wits' end, he failed signally.
  • Their chief aim was to convey the good news as gently as possible, and they certainly achieved their end.
  • His words convey his thought, and his tone conveys his mental attitude towards the person spoken to.
  • The articles which appear in the present number convey a large amount of useful information in a compact and intelligent form.
  • Moses conveys, and intended to convey the idea that the matter of which the heaven and the earth are composed, was created.
  • You will learn more about them all with your own eyes and ears in ten minutes than I could convey to you in an hour.
  • But an infinite being must know not only the real meaning of the words, but the exact meaning they will convey to every reader and hearer.
  • He anointed some peasants with a pomade made of belladonna or opium, persuading them that the operation would convey them to the witch-sabbath.
  • She shrugged her shoulders slightly, as though to say that, or any similar word, will convey my meaning.
  • To-day they seem to convey little forewarning of the matchless lyric gift that was soon to awaken, being a shade too intellectual and sententious.
  • It is not surprising, then, that he failed to convey to the Mole any clear idea of what he had been through that day.
  • It so happened that when the end came, forty men of his body-guard were ordered to raise and convey the body to another room in the palace.
  • He would look no more on the music box, beautiful as it was: he would convey it to the Ropers before temptation came again.
  • It will not do to say that Moses meant to convey the idea that God made man in his mental or moral image.
  • You may speak of "exhausting the beauty" of a landscape, and, somehow, convey the notion of sucking an orange dry.
  • Whenever you imagine that the employment of any mere word or sentence will convey the impression that you are well informed, substitute for it some simple expression.

Definition of Convey

To move (something) from one place to another. | (dated) To take or carry (someone) from one place to another. | To communicate; to make known; to portray.
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