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  • Thank you for what you have done to convince these dogs!
  • My decrees and actions up to now might convince you.
  • You cannot convince him to the contrary, no indeed.
  • Each day something happened to convince him that he would.
  • You will hardly convince us of that, Norbert.
  • I've got to convince him.
  • Not one of you can advance arguments that will convince those who reason.
  • It required but a glance to convince him that the whiskers were false.
  • This to convince you that assassination will not be tolerated in Graustark.
  • Tohm, however, carried on until he began to convince Manguino of his idea.
  • You must speak respectable English to a Red-skin if you want to convince him.
  • It was hard to convince Dan, although he knew Lawrence was right.
  • But I had not got to convince the scientific world, but the Lord of the Manor.

How To Use Convince In A Sentence?

  • Her startled cry was sufficient to convince me that she was there for some secret purpose.
  • The best way to check treasonable activities was to convince traitors of their helplessness.
  • Spurious, unnatural feeling will invariably fail to convince serious-minded men.
  • I was stupefied, paralyzed, petrified, with these strange results, but they did not convince me.
  • Nevertheless, Boyce was hoping to convince Lloyd to circle around the Palatkan territory.
  • To convince you, Belle, that I am, I am ready to try a fall with you this moment upon the grass.
  • But does not the fact of your only recognizing the victim, convince you of the unreality of the thing?
  • The details of the attack would convince any one that neither has anything which would now excite reprobation.
  • To convince them of your identity will be no easy matter, and the most vigilant circumspection will be necessary on your part.
  • They will convince the world that truth is on our side, and that we spread neither lies nor coloured reports.
  • Hermann stopped before her, and gazed long and earnestly at her, as if he wished to convince himself of the terrible reality.
  • That action, in itself, was sufficient to convince me that my brain had been unbalanced during those six lost years.
  • He hung his head like an unjustly accused criminal before the judge, whom he can not hope to convince of his innocence.
  • I was determined either to break my way out of my prison, or convince my jailer it was not strong enough to hold me.
  • Were it not for evidence in the shape of photographs extant, it would be difficult to convince a young planter that such systems were employed.
  • Yet if he could not convince Lumley that he was to be trusted, there was nothing but death for both of them.
  • Hilda scornfully refused to have anything to do with Jem, who tried hard to convince her she was mistaken.
  • This, in itself, was sufficient to convince him that he was not to be held for ransom, but to be disposed of for reasons best known to his captors.
  • First of all, you'll have to convince the folks that started the boom to make me Governor.
  • And was he not prostrated when assured of his mistake, and was it not hard to convince him that the letters to which he persistently referred were forgeries?
  • At a liberal estimate, no one can ever convince me that more than one million five hundred thousand Germans really wanted war.
  • Try as I might to convince myself to the contrary, the effort to borrow money seemed to me, somehow, akin to beggary.
  • It took the latter two years to organize and equip an army and to convince the government of Buenos Aires of the practicability of his plan.
  • One would think this last appropriation of the vaunted hero would be sufficient to convince the most radical of the demoralizing influence of these publications.
  • He turned but for a moment, and averted his face; but I had seen enough to convince me that he was no other than my cousin Edward.
  • The argument so often heard against stopping licences is that then more illicit drinking will ensue, but this does not convince me that the redundant licences should be renewed.
  • Turn her heart, enlighten her understanding, convince her of her sin; but pardon her, pardon her, dear Lord!

Definition of Convince

To make someone believe, or feel sure about something, especially by using logic, argument or evidence. | To persuade. | (obsolete, transitive) To overcome, conquer, vanquish.
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