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  • But the promise that they would again be convoked before the expiry of two years was not kept.
  • In 325 there was a great council in the city of Nic├Ža, convoked by Constantine.
  • In 842, a great council at Constantinople was convoked by the empress Theodora.
  • In 680, another general council at Constantinople was convoked by Constantine the bearded.
  • In 1414, the great Council of Constance was convoked by an emperor who resumes his rights, viz.
  • The Neapolitan Parliament convoked under the new Constitution was to meet on the 15th of May.
  • Philip forbade the publication of these bulls; and the states general being again convoked appealed to a council against the pope.
  • They saw they were dealing with a foregone conclusion; he had convoked them, not to advise as to methods, but to furnish the means.
  • Collaborators, it is true, did often arrive, but they were convoked by their sense of smell, not by the first possessor.
  • He immediately convoked the Diet in order to be crowned, and by this act he solemnly sealed the peace with the nation.
  • This council was convoked by Constantine the Bearded, as all the others had been by the preceding emperors.
  • Quite suddenly she took a resolution and convoked the Hungarian magnates at Pressburg, where she had fled from her capital.
  • The class assembled from six till eight in the evening, twice a week; the room Davy convoked it in was one he hired expressly.
  • In 861, a great council at Constantinople, consisting of three hundred and eighteen bishops, was convoked by the emperor Michael.

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  • The French people are convoked in their comitia.
  • President Brummage forthwith convoked his Directors.
  • W. at once convoked all the officials and staff of the ministry.
  • A Constituent Assembly was convoked for the 5th of February 1849.
  • In 431 a great council was convoked at Ephesus, by the emperor Theodosius II.

Definition of Convoked

simple past tense and past participle of convoke
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