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  • Hanger was as cool as man could be.
  • O, he was a cool one!
  • It will be cool and comfortable on the very hottest nights.
  • Do you walk through the cool shady woods?
  • Fortunately two men with cool heads were near by.
  • A little current of cool air was blowing through the room.
  • You cool her gently thus, while we go bathe.
  • Grief's voice was cool and menacing.
  • Pep felt rather hurt at the cool way in which his return was greeted.
  • It had been quite hot in the plains, and was pleasantly cool up here.
  • Not a drop of water to cool them, not a breath of air to ease their pain.
  • For the next two or three days she was decidedly cool to Mark.
  • The thin, cool liquid, slightly milky and effervescent, bubbled to the brim.
  • Lumley grew cool as he saw the hope leap into Gray's face.
  • A cool wind came with the clouds and blew on Gray, and he slept.
  • Gray's tone of cool superiority was not resented by the wayfarer.

How To Use Cool In A Sentence?

  • After they had reached the foot of the stairs they walked for a long way through a cool corridor.
  • At places there are broad fields where the cows come down to drink the cool water.
  • Returning to the cool shade, we waited till they crossed that miniature desert.
  • Here the trout congregate, to enjoy the cool water that comes down from the hills above.
  • Infinite was the wild fowl and venison hanging about the trees, that the air might cool them.
  • I laved his pain-twisted face with the cool water and let a few drops trickle into his open mouth.
  • Not far away stood a little brown house in the cool shade of cherry trees and apple trees.
  • The Brownie thought this would be a very nice cool place in which to rest for a few moments.
  • We are always cool at the clubs: the constant habit of ruining one another, teaches us temper.
  • To cool thee when the mid-day suns Have made thee faint beneath their heat.
  • I did not much care for the effect, though it was as cool as needed to be after those cool proceedings.
  • She wondered what ailed it to faint in the cool of the morning, when the earth was yet damp with early rain.
  • It was deliciously cool down underneath the shadow of the cliff, on the banks of the shallow, bright river.
  • Guard had followed me from the field; he, too, enjoyed the cool water and proceeded to make the most of it.
  • The fire swept past them on either side, and all they had to do was to wait till the trail got cool enough to travel over.
  • I tried to look cool and calm and to restrain my pique; but the coolness and calmness of a man in a passion are confounded treacherous.
  • When, however, he had had time to cool down a little, he began to feel the awkwardness of his position.
  • They cast a fearful glance at the spot where the buccaneer had disappeared, almost expecting to see him sailing on his chest in the cool moonshine.
  • The chums arranged their chairs so as to catch the cool breeze coming off the water, forming a half-circle about an open window.
  • Turn by turn, they went down through the salt, to the cool sweet stream, drinking their fill while the calabashes were filling.
  • The cool morning wind died away; the sun reeled up on its appointed circle, glaring brazenly into every nook and cranny in the land.
  • We caught a beautiful string of twenty or more, took them home, dressed them nicely, and sat them carefully away in the cool cellar.
  • And he, despite his cool head, lost it another time on a shelf, a scant twelve inches wide, where all hand-holds seemed to fail him.
  • The cool intrepidity with which he had fought his way through those mental troubles which had seemed at one time about to overwhelm him was to me the most astonishing part of the performance.

Definition of Cool

Having a slightly low temperature; mildly or pleasantly cold. | Allowing or suggesting heat relief. | Of a person, not showing emotion; calm and in control of oneself.
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