Cooler in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cooler

1. It was fresher and cooler up here. 🔊

2. One half of the year was cooler than the other half. 🔊

3. The room grew cooler by unguessed means. 🔊

4. A little delay means cooler weather for the meat. 🔊

5. The architecture may wait the coming of some cooler head. 🔊

6. In the hottest Months the cooler the better. 🔊

7. Yet the cooler moment followed, when she remembered Jason. 🔊

8. Others are cooler and more calculating in preparing to leave. 🔊

9. Don't you feel cooler already? 🔊

10. It was cooler out of the valley, and he somewhat regained his spirits. 🔊

11. The farther north they had run the cooler air currents had become. 🔊

12. They are both cooler than the rest, and perhaps less fearful. 🔊

13. The cooler air in the guards' room refreshes me. 🔊

14. A sudden soberness had fallen upon many of them, and with it a cooler sanity. 🔊

15. The Wentworths had been growing cooler both in business and in social life. 🔊

16. He had grown cooler and cooler as Gray's excitement rose. 🔊

17. Out in the Jago the pale dawn brought a cooler air and the chance of sleep. 🔊

18. Why, I should say there never was any one cooler than Mr Donne. 🔊

How to use Cooler in Sentences?

1. Out of the dry and arid valley, it seemed to spring into cooler and bracing life. 🔊

2. The temperature of the atmosphere was so much cooler at that point that the aeronauts had to resort to their blankets and thick coverings. 🔊

3. The cooler archaeologists of a later day have discarded the majority of such theories as untenable in the light of hard facts. 🔊

4. As soon as the pressure of the air above is lessened, air rushes in below from all the cooler regions around. 🔊