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How To Use Coolly In A Sentence?

  • Truxton recovered the catch from the bushes and coolly detached the truculent pin.
  • Merriwell sat down and coolly awaited the result, with his hands in his pockets.
  • Having taken his decision he coolly waited for the moment to interfere like a thunder-clap.
  • Menard slowly raised his eyes, and looked coolly at the chief without replying.
  • Seeing this, the wolf sat down on its haunches, and coolly began to bide its time.
  • He simply, coolly opened the door, and bade her easily and triumphantly escape.
  • Accosted by name, the Captain removed his mask, and coolly confronted his prisoner.
  • Now Mr. Drew adored standing nonchalantly on his feet and looking coolly into her eyes.
  • They felt almost angry that the man whom they had been pitying as a drunkard should so coolly hold them at bay.
  • Winthrop was but coolly received at first, for he and his people were regarded as enemies of the crown.
  • She put that vital question as coolly as though it implied nothing more than a swimmer's pastime.
  • I purposely sauntered down them coolly with a swagger, with my eyes fixed upon their dangerous-looking faces.
  • Lawrence found the prisoner they had taken shaking with terror, for some of the men had coolly informed him that after dinner he was to be hanged.
  • The young soldiers had soon got over their first uneasiness, and fought as steadily and coolly as veterans.
  • Byrne got up, walked to the door, and turning the key in the enormous lock put it coolly in his pocket.
  • No law, he would observe coolly to the magistrate, against innumerable prayer-meetings or infinite concerts.
  • Chambers had got more sail on her now, and they could see him, coolly sitting at the wheel and waving a hand in derision back at them.
  • He had contributed nothing to her support; he had coolly left the whole care of her to others; he had been thoroughly selfish and indifferent.
  • Si had kept to the path, firing coolly and with deadly aim as he kept pace with the line, which was fiercely forging through the brush.
  • The place selected for his execution was a strip of sandy beach, and to it the condemned man walked as coolly as though taking a morning stroll.
  • No wonder Frank laughed, even while he watched the cowboy dropping his lariat down as the other so coolly requested.
  • All were duly receipted for and signed by corrupt Spanish officials, who coolly divided these millions among themselves!
  • When a man was hit some one gave him first aid, directed the stretcher-bearers where to find him, and coolly resumed digging.
  • As for the close friends who coolly declared they had never met me at all, their names would make a long list!...
  • Applause was beginning again; but at the sound she stopped, looked over the audience disdainfully, and turning, walked coolly from the stage.
  • He was mortified intensely by the discovery of a successful rival where he had so coolly and confidently flattered himself with a solitary conquest.
  • The answer, delivered coolly and as a matter of course, seemed ludicrous coming from the undersized, deformed creature with the top-heavy head.
  • Sport Harris coolly puffed away at a black cigar, seemingly perfectly unconcerned, like a born gambler.
  • We were all day ascending mountains, and slept coolly under three or four blankets at a highland tavern, on a very wild Appenine.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Coolly | Coolly Sentence

  • The lady coolly did the same.
  • Frank sat down and coolly went at his studies.
  • The colonel coolly looked about the room.
  • The wife coolly examined the victim.
  • He put the weapon in his pocket and got coolly up.
  • But Dan was smiling back coolly at her.
  • She took that as coolly as she had taken the bird in its flight.
  • His orders were obeyed promptly and coolly by the men of his company.
  • Kut-le was walking coolly toward them, while the squaws sat gaping.
  • Then the Captain walked coolly past them, and took his place in the canoe.
  • The Chinese wiped his knife coolly on the fallen man's black jacket.

Definition of Coolly

(obsolete) coolish; somewhat cool | In a cool, unpanicked or collected manner. | (dated) With calm impudence.
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