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  • Many rural teachers and clergymen have considerable skill in coping with illness.
  • The doctor was coping with his Sunday meal when the telephone went off in the next room.
  • We run up against difficulties, and usually much of our time is taken up in solving or coping with them.
  • There is not a single modern writer on the subject who does not refer to the utter futility of legislative methods in coping with the issue.
  • They discover in their own language, their feelings of hopefulness and loyalty while coping with unexpected embarrassments and unusual privations.
  • The methods of coping with crime have no doubt undergone several changes, but mainly in a theoretic sense.
  • For fifteen or twenty days upon the broad Atlantic they were trained in all the evolutions which were necessary for coping with the submarine.
  • We kept up the bitter struggle, hoping that at last we should have a general capable of coping with Montcalm.
  • Marise started late for the theatre, because she felt unequal to coping with her fellow actors' and actresses' well-meaning good wishes.
  • He ended by a plea that the Mounted Police should be strengthened, so that it would be capable of coping with the situation.
  • The State is confined by the constitution to property tax, well known as a primitive system, utterly incapable of coping with modern business.
  • I understand that Commodore Shatrak, who is also coping with some very trying problems, is requesting troop reenforcements.
  • General: Most inhabitants are receptive empaths, and have difficulty coping with non-empaths, so few leave Lenore.
  • Such delicate sensitiveness, leading to impatience, was not capable of coping with the rough work involved in the task of reform, which he had undertaken.
  • She clutched the brick coping with one hand, never glancing toward me, her eyes fixed imploringly on the glistening face of the questioning policeman.
  • The imagination cannot conceive a worse crime than fastening western industrialism upon China before she has developed within herself the meaning of coping with the forces which it would release.
  • I got up early yesterday and went down to the barge to see if they wanted any extra help (as the other two were coping with the wounded officers), and had a grim afternoon and evening there.
  • These disquieting occurrences made the Spanish government fear for the safety of Cuba and decided the court to give the island a governor more capable of coping with the eventuality of invasion.
  • Like himself, she was hungry for meat; and while she had no thoughts of turning Amazon herself, she felt an increasing interest in all that Grenville was attempting in his task of coping with nature.
  • We were taking out a great number of emigrants for America, fine, sturdy-looking young fellows, probably as hard as nails, and quite equal to coping with the difficulties of a new country.
  • Unwilling to endanger the rest of the band, and perhaps wishing a free hand in coping with this evident Nemesis, Black Eagle cantered boldly out to meet him.
  • Its subtlety and great danger lies in the fact that in the measure of a man's strength is the measure of his chance of passing beyond it or coping with it at all.
  • Her people and especially those who are in power have not yet reached a stage where they are capable of coping with the powers, of using them to the advantage of their people rather than to the advantage of selfish interest.
  • On September 17 he made that instruction more precise by ordering "a mass to be constituted on the left wing of our disposition, capable of coping with the outflanking movement of the enemy.
  • On Sept. 17 he made that instruction more precise by ordering "a mass to be constituted on the left wing of our disposition, capable of coping with the outflanking movement of the enemy.
  • It was a comprehensive and practicable scheme for preventing unemployment under existing conditions, and for coping with the mass of incompetent destitution which for generations had Been the disgrace of our civilisation.
  • To answer this vital question it behooves us to seek the nature and cause of crimes, the methods employed in coping with them, and the effects these methods produce in ridding society of the curse and horror of crimes.
  • In anticipation of the attack, this, earlier in the day, had been fortified by a police squad capable of coping with an ordinary crowd of ruffians, but as chaff before fire in the presence of these murderous thousands.
  • Each one thinks he foresees some eventuality with the genesis of which he is especially conversant, and he forthwith communicates his forecast and at the same time his plan for coping with the danger to some official.
  • It is our gift to be able to apply ourselves in emergencies, at home and abroad, with immense energy, and our success in promptly pulling ourselves together and coping with the unexpected has often suggested to outsiders that we had long ago looked ahead.
  • These arrangements imparted a special difficulty into the situation with which Gordon had to deal, and his manner of coping with it will reveal how shrewd he was in detecting the root-cause of any trouble, and how prompt were his measures to eradicate the mischief.
  • To defeat William Smith O'Brien and his followers was ridiculously easy, but it was another matter coping with a famine that threatened to wipe the peasant population out of existence.
  • Aside from the fact that the State is itself the greatest criminal, breaking every written and natural law, stealing in the form of taxes, killing in the form of war and capital punishment, it has come to an absolute standstill in coping with crime.
  • But the cunning Khalifa was quite capable of coping with this revulsion of feeling on the part of the inhabitants, who were now thoroughly tired of Mahdiism, and who were undoubtedly desirous that the rule of the Government should again be extended to them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Coping With | Coping With Sentence

  • There was no coping with it.
  • There was no coping with insolence.
  • Micky had a positive genius for coping with obstacles.
  • Alone, they are no more capable of coping with these evils than men are.
  • It was necessary that some show, at least, of coping with them should be made.
  • Jack Bruce, as he listened, saw his way of coping with the situation.
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