Coquetting In A Sentence

Definition of Coquetting

present participle of coquet | coquetry

How To Use Coquetting In A Sentence?

  • If she had been the average coquetting creature, the offence might not have been so mortal.
  • She was evidently one of these over-educated, forward, scheming, coquetting girls.
  • The representatives of foreign governments were already secretly coquetting for the favor of a free port and an advantageous cotton-market.
  • Gradually, from talk of individuals and speculations of newspapers, the intrigue proceeded to a coquetting between rival conventions.
  • He has found out that during the last week Louise has been coquetting with some summer visitor staying in the town.
  • Then Nellie, who had been coquetting with his hopes and fears, had once again plunged him into the depths.
  • The strategies of love, the coquetting which form half the composition of a Parisian woman, are utterly unknown here.
  • This is the sole explanation that can be given for his unfortunate coquetting a year ago with the leaders of the now fallen Anfu Club.
  • Not being in the habit of coquetting with passing officers, she did not continue to gaze out into the street, but went on sewing for a couple of hours, without raising her head.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Coquetting | Coquetting Sentence

  • To spur on this, she is coquetting it with England.
  • It was he who would flay her for coquetting with the liberator.
  • There is much laughing and coquetting among the young people.
  • And now you are coquetting with mad mutiny in the ranks, Eh?
  • Pearl answered, her shallow blue eyes coquetting with David.

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