Corded In A Sentence

Definition of Corded

Fitted with a cord. | (figuratively) Having the appearance of cords or furrows. | (heraldry) Wound about with cords.

How To Use Corded In A Sentence?

  • The parcel was heavily corded and was secured again by red tape, which was sealed.
  • How had she carried the heavy hardwood pieces down, fitted them together and corded them?
  • The one bed was an old fashioned, high post corded bed where my father and mother slept.
  • He had already seated Constance upon the corded blanket roll from which he himself had arisen.
  • The ancient name of corded instruments of the Lute, Mandoline, and Guitar kinds.
  • Their corded muscles and protruding eyes made them ghastly as tortured wretches of some red-lit inferno.
  • We quit work on the mine for ten days and chopped firewood, which we corded at the rear of our house.
  • There he stood, calmly adjusting his yellow night-cap and drawing his dressing-gown closer with the corded tassels.
  • We were told that it was once a pile of wood containing hundreds of cords, cut in regular lengths and corded up here for use in the furnaces.
  • Her belt was a corded girdle with great tassels, and her small garnet coloured slippers had a large knot of ribbon that fell over her instep.
  • His own was seized in the same moment, the blade only inches from Shawn's corded throat.
  • Altorius seemed interested, for he leaned forward, muscle corded arms very brown against the frosty brilliance of the stones studding his throne.
  • And the way them Lamonts agonized over every rag mat, and corded bedstead was something past belief.
  • The sight of my corded trunk convinced him that I had taken mortal offence, and he grew more uneasy still.
  • Little Jim plodded out bearing his few spare clothes corded in a neat bundle, with an old piece of canvas for the covering.
  • They were so securely tied that there was no chance for them to make a move as their arms were corded tight to their bodies and their feet were tied under the belly of the mule.
  • I was clad in fur cap, vivid blanket coat, corded trousers, German stockings and moccasins; and my only baggage was the pair of snowshoes.
  • His hands were thrust into the folds of a corded and tasselled dressing-gown, from beneath which peeped two enormous feet encased in carpet slippers.
  • He had changed from his hard-used riding-garments into a suit of roughly corded black silk, which threw into relief the steely litheness of his spare figure.
  • Ready for trickery Big Bill, while he bore down hard on the left shoulder, and wrenched and twisted at the corded neck, expected anything.
  • These baskets are then placed in some dry situation, the corded part upwards; seven being usually placed as close as they can be together, and five on the top of them.
  • The corded muscles of the arms contracted, the claws of the slithering paws drew in as though he were about to clutch me; the ebon pools of eyes were covered with a frozen film of hate.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Corded | Corded Sentence

  • Lionel took out the trunks and corded them in the passage.
  • We had dese old corded beds.
  • His corded muscles were beginning to relax.
  • But the beds were made of straw and corded underneath with ropes.
  • The hem was turned over a light rope, forming a strong corded edge.
  • The corded edge on the cover piece lapped over the sides, forming a watershed.
  • The edges were hemmed over a piece of rope, which thus formed a corded edge.
  • A wide bedstead, corded with thongs, did its best to furnish my apartment.
  • Mr. Hines's corded throat worked painfully.

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