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  • Put an iron core in the middle of this spool and the magnet seems still more powerful.
  • One side of both shell and core are split for the purpose of obviating residual magnetism.
  • Often the discharge will take place from inner turns directly to the core of the magnet.
  • Nothing was real, nothing was alive but the aching core of her own wounded heart.
  • The main storage is coincident current magnetic core modules of 4096 words each.
  • Its fruit never ripened but always rotted at the core just before it began to grow mellow.
  • She was herself the core and centre to the world, the sun, and the single firmament.
  • We felt we had still failed to get at the core of the mystery of the Pinky Dinky.
  • The result is that the ends of the armature are of south polarity and those of the core are of north polarity.
  • This will tend to set up magnetism in the core in the opposite direction to that indicated by the arrow.
  • We cannot trifle with this reality, this cropping-out in our planted gardens of the core of the world.
  • Their zeal was heroic, but it was spent upon an issue that is in its very root and core a haughty presumption and a lie.
  • He had known what it was to share life right down to the core with another human being, and when that has once been, solitude redoubles its sting.
  • In one the core is made from a double strand of strong lock stitch twine, over which is placed a linen braid.
  • The core of my life was touched at that fatal river, and a subtile disease has eaten it out till nothing but the rind is left.
  • Of a sudden, at the very core of the combat there was a tremendous burst of sound, a great stream of light leaped up and then sank.
  • The soul of a man has a series of concentric envelopes around it, like the core of an onion, or the innermost of a nest of boxes.
  • The Rialto has always been to me, as it is probably to most others, quite the core of romantic locality.
  • This is done by building up a core of suitable size by laying together thin sheets of soft iron, or by forming a bundle of soft iron wires.
  • These soon hatch, and the young tiny grubs eat their way into the embryo fruit, keeping to the fleshy part, leaving the core and seeds alone.
  • The rear end of the shell and core are both cut off in the same plane and the armature is made in such form as to practically close this end of the shell.
  • It is to be noted that the depth of winding space is one-half of the difference between the core diameter and the complete diameter of the wound coil.
  • Down, down, down; down with a speed so wild Ken grew faint; down through the core of a maelstrom of snow till she crashed.
  • She guessed that the core of the mystery lay under the cotton blouse of this rugged foreign sailor, and she meant to have it out of him by hook or by crook.
  • In his time the pyramid was in a good state of preservation, and he never thought of asking whether or no the core was of the same material as the outer case.
  • Another type of resistance coil is that in which the winding is placed upon an insulating core of heat-resisting material and wound so as to overcome inductive effects.
  • As a result there will still be a good path for the lines of force through the iron of the core and comparatively little change in the number of lines passing through the armature winding.
  • Obviously, it should be of the highest permeability and, furthermore, there should be ample cross-section of core to prevent even an approach to saturation.
  • As is shown, there is within the core of the magnet an adjustable spiral spring which presses forward against the armature and which spring is compressed by the attraction of the armature of the magnet.
  • The core of this coil consists of a bundle of soft iron wires, and the shell which forms the return path for the magnetic lines is of very soft sheet iron.
  • As he gazed at her, the haggardness of her countenance smote like a sword-edge through all the black humours about his heart, piercing the very core of love and pity.
  • This central core of steel is carefully insulated from the outer shell of the plug by means of hard rubber bushings, the parts being forced tightly together.
  • Another way of forming a closed-circuit magnet that is widely used in telephony is to enclose the helix or winding in a shell of magnetic material which joins the core at one end.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Core | Core Sentence

  • The core will come to the surface.
  • When crumbling shell leaves the core exposed?
  • The core of an ordinary armature is shown in Fig.
  • We nourish the inward sense of grievance that eats the core out of content.
  • He was a man of genius whose work had a very solid core of genuine meaning.
  • This was the solstice, the sunless midnight, the core of Polar winter.
  • The Core Memory may be supplemented by Magnetic Tape Storage.

Definition of Core

To remove the core of an apple or other fruit. | To extract a sample with a drill. | (automotive, machinery, aviation, marine) A deposit paid by the purchaser of a rebuilt part, to be refunded on return of a used, rebuildable part, or the returned rebuildable part itself.
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