Corey In A Sentence

How To Use Corey In A Sentence?

  • But Corey, ignoring his assurance, had seemed to arrive at some secret conclusion.
  • He raised himself on his elbow to look at Corey, unconscious, on the next stretcher.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Corey | Corey Sentence

  • Corey had never been that.
  • Corey had not changed his mind....
  • And after him followed Corey.
  • He brought a message from Corey.
  • And at this Corey made no attempt to smile.
  • But Corey knew none of those things.
  • At the end of another two weeks Corey was still away.
  • Most men wore bars, but Corey had worn the whole thing.
  • And Corey had answered, about six weeks, or a little less.
  • Corey dead!
  • Corey silent!
  • Corey wasn't the artist to do it.
  • Corey has only a few months to remain in prison at this writing.
  • UMMZ 96537, Corey Lake.
  • Corey Ford (A); 20Mar61; R272730.
  • Corey Ford (A); 3Mar61; R271829.
  • Corey Ford (A); 3Mar61; R271823.
  • Corey Ford (A); 3Mar61; R271824.
  • Corey Ford (A); 3Mar61; R271828.
  • Paul Corey (A); 27Sep68; R444151.
  • Corey Ford (A); 19Nov68; R449012.
  • Corey Ford (A); 3Mar61; R271827.
  • Corey Ford (A); 19Nov68; R449051.
  • Corey Ford (A); 19Nov68; R449041.
  • Corey Ford (A); 19Nov68; R449070.
  • Corey Ford (A); 19Nov68; R449077.
  • Corey Ford (A); 19Nov68; R449011.
  • Corey Ford (A); 19Nov68; R449046.
  • Sourdough army, by Corey Ford & Alastair MacBain.
  • Kenai guide, by Corey Ford & Alastair MacBain.
  • High into the sun, by Corey Ford & Alastair MacBain.
  • Turkey fever, by Corey Ford & Alastair MacBain.
  • Somebody had once asked Corey how long he had been over the first time.
  • This man now says that he is not positive that Corey took the cattle.
  • It is terrible to heap such a disgrace upon as helpless a creature as Corey.
  • Corey had returned from the Philadelphia trip the last week in October.
  • Corey Ford (A); 3Mar61; R271825. Play boy.
  • Corey Ford (A); 3Mar61; R271826. Glorious youth.
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