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  • Jake Cornell hawed prodigiously.
  • Momentum, by Cornell Woolrich.
  • Assoc., Cornell Univ.
  • E185.5.N276R4 Cornell studies in civil liberty.
  • Professor of Applied Electricity, Cornell University.
  • The Cornell Review, May, 1876, pp.
  • Produced from Page Scans Provided by Cornell University.
  • I took Mr. Cornell and Peter Wright to the Twelfth.
  • Bumps would continue with his course at Cornell for this winter anyhow.
  • The young man was to graduate in law at Cornell in the coming spring.
  • By H.H. WING, of Cornell University.
  • His real name is Day-After-To-Morrow, but you call him Cornell for short.
  • By I.P. ROBERTS, of Cornell University.
  • By E.G. LODEMAN, late of Cornell University.
  • Jake Cornell demanded, following his host's gaze with approval.
  • Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Midwifery, Cornell University, New York.
  • Instructor in French at Haverford College, Cornell Univ., Stanford Univ.

How To Use Cornell In A Sentence?

  • He had been doing some tutoring at Cornell and had earned the money for his trip himself.
  • Steve Cornell turns up being a carrier of a disease that is really a blessing instead of a curse.
  • Away off on the other side of the Island is where Schurman of Cornell was born.
  • Also, but privily, she watched the drink saturating the besotted souls of Cornell and the Virgin.
  • A scanned copy of this book is available on Hathitrust courtesy of Cornell University.
  • Vance shoved the tobacco canister across, but Cornell pulled out a handful of cigars and passed them around.
  • Looking to his host for consent, Cornell tilted the demijohn over his arm and partly filled the four tin mugs and an empty jelly glass.
  • But since I am telepath and Cornell has perception, his own mind told me he was aware of his sorry condition.
  • She is at Washington, and writes me that she has sold her bust of dear uncle to the Cornell University.
  • President Schurman of Cornell said: "Agnosticism is the apotheosis of skepticism.
  • It contains a group of twenty-one lectures, which Hearn had expected at first to deliver at Cornell University.
  • The boys at Cornell like it because it fills even in an abnormally cool season of the Finger Lakes region when natives fail.

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