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How To Use Correct In In A Sentence?

  • Suchier is probably correct in denying that these sacrifices are of foreign origin.
  • Not only was she always on time, but she was invariably correct in her deportment.
  • To correct in ourselves what we condemn in others would remove most of the evils of life.
  • He may even cheat the gods of their due if he is formally correct in his observance.
  • On the other hand, he was strictly correct in his estimate of the patriotism of the aristocracy.
  • Every detail was correct in the vision, down to the actual number of the killed and wounded.
  • Is perfectly correct in his deportment, and therefore enjoys peace of mind and is quietly gay.
  • Really I could not wish for anything more innocent, or more correct in every respect.
  • Alma was not in the party this time, so of course, Nora was correct in her opinion.
  • Probably the sergeant was correct in his view, though Deck thought still that it was practicable.
  • Your calculations may be sound, correct in every detail, and yet things may go altogether wrong.
  • With such an expanse of water, I am correct in stating its medium depth at four feet.
  • I could not but admit that the view of the Secretary of State was correct in this respect.
  • He was correct in every detail, too, and for the first time Fielden began to see his way.
  • I believe A.W.H. is correct in his supposition that the passage has not been noticed before.
  • As it chanced, Philip Hadden was correct in his suspicions of his coadjutor, Maputa.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Correct In | Correct In Sentence

  • Canby was correct in his surmise.
  • John was correct in his statement.
  • Are we not correct in that estimate?
  • Mustapha was correct in his calculations.
  • Joe was correct in his conjectures.
  • Bruce had been perfectly correct in his suspicions.
  • He was approximately correct in his statements.
  • Nora saw she was correct in her free translation.
  • The story is correct in scout detail.
  • Both opinions are probably correct in a certain sense.
  • I guess perhaps you're correct in hangin' on.
  • But York Macpherson was correct in his estimate of Jerry.
  • They are correct in their private lives and likely to be somewhat bigoted.
  • Admitting the premises, this was logically correct in the abstract.
  • Walter said enquiringly, and was told that he was correct in his conjecture.
  • It means you are correct in what you have stated about Silwood.
  • In a trial of twenty-eight cows, it proved correct in the whole number.
  • For Archie was everything that was most correct in the way of bridegrooms.
  • DeWitt's feeling was perfectly correct in their eyes.
  • Your correspondent is correct in stating that the Barretts were from Cork.
  • Mr. William was a milder man, correct in deportment and absorbed in business.
  • They were correct in the guess, about the wolf, but I did not say so out loud.
  • If it be correct in MS., why is it not equally correct in print?
  • In this, as in most things, Don Joaquin was correct in his surmise.
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