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  • These corrections have been made in the text.
  • Any corrections made are noted below.
  • However, corrections are invited.
  • This score contains various corrections in pencil.
  • Translation, with slight corrections and additions.
  • I have not found it necessary to make any other corrections of importance.
  • The following corrections have been made to the original text.
  • The observers quickly made corrections by wireless for the gunners.
  • A full list of corrections can be found at the end of the text.
  • A few corrections on typing mistakes have been included within brackets.
  • The table below lists all corrections applied to the original text.
  • The table below lists all corrections applied to the original text.
  • The table below lists all corrections applied to the original text.
  • A complete list of typographical and punctuation corrections follows the text.
  • Le fait de recevoir des corrections et de nouvelles informations fiables.
  • With regard to the Manuscript, there are two corrections in it worth noting.
  • All I want is a rehearsal, to see whether corrections are required.

How To Use Corrections In A Sentence?

  • No corrections have been made other than those listed at the end of the etext.
  • Minor punctuation and capitalization corrections have been made without comment.
  • A list with all corrections applied to the text has been added at the end of the text.
  • Other than the corrections listed below, all spelling variants have been left as in the original.
  • From the results obtained, a table of corrections for the thermometer should be prepared.
  • The sermon is evidently written at high pressure, with few corrections and fairly fully.
  • The corrections noted in the Corrigenda on page v have been made in the text.
  • These materials have been mostly retained, but with the corrections which later publications have made necessary.
  • A list of corrections is found at the end of the text along with a list of inconsistently spelled words.
  • The observations should be drawn out of the children, not made to them, except as corrections of their mistakes.
  • Minor corrections to format and punctuation together with regularisation of poetry line numbering have been made without comment.
  • There are some corrections in this edition, which tend to render the sense less obscure in one or two places.
  • He sharpened a quill with his sheath-knife, and began to copy the report, making further corrections here and there.
  • Several corrections have been made from the personal recollections of officers and men whom I have been able to consult.
  • After these corrections are made, there is for mankind a great band of deep night, wherein no man can work.
  • When you have read my book I shall be glad of any hints for corrections if it comes to another edition.
  • In the present reprint a few corrections have been made, and the illustrative table at page 34, and some other additions, introduced.
  • Sheilah was quite excited, and offered suggestions and corrections as we proceeded, like the clever little business woman she always was.
  • It requires a singular art, as well as the vantage-ground of age, to deal these stunning corrections among the coxcombs of the young.
  • In the statement of the Doctrine, for example, there are several erasures and corrections before the right formula is hit upon.
  • These articles have been republished in a single volume with important corrections and additions (Maisonneuve, 1880).
  • If you have additions or corrections to the list, please contact Lucy2424 at sbcglobal dot net, or errata at pglaf dot org.
  • Matthay listens to a complete performance of the work in hand, then turns back to the beginning and goes over it again for corrections and suggestions.

Definition of Corrections

plural of correction
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