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  • My pride was the corrective of my love.
  • The brain then takes the necessary corrective action.
  • In that I got a supplement and corrective of Kipling.
  • I have always found that there is a corrective for everything in this world.
  • Second, the physical ear acts as a check or corrective on the voice.
  • We read Donne as a corrective of lazy thinking: he frees us from illusion.
  • I find Thackeray an excellent corrective when I am emotionally keyed up.
  • The "Mr Beveridge" was thrown in as a corrective to the hand-pressure.
  • It was easy to escape from the Palace of Corrective Detention.
  • Further, Power is a Natural Corrective of inestimable worth.
  • JENSEN, DANA O. Corrective English exercises.

How To Use Corrective In A Sentence?

  • The corrective of ridicule is safe only as it is a kindly expression of the sense of humor.
  • In this manner delinquencies can be detected, and the appropriate corrective be applied.
  • If his own opinion is wrong, the corrective will usually be found near at hand.
  • These matters should be considered, and some corrective be found, to avoid further difficulties.
  • Well, Boyton proved an admirable corrective to the insolence of one of these imps.
  • We shall be sentenced to ten years in the Palace of Corrective Detention if it be discovered.
  • It is the great corrective of the onesidedness of science with its harsh method of analysis and distinction.
  • This freshening and corrective influence they get in the first instance from deeds of violence and crime.
  • But the most valuable effect of this test-apparatus is the corrective power it possesses over the mind of the table-turner.
  • In all cases the corrective treatment to be given consists in supplying the trees with the element or elements in which they are deficient.
  • It will continue until its remedial and corrective purpose is completed and no longer, whether in this life or some other.
  • Its increasing independence of the ostensible career makes it the organ of corrective criticism; it accumulates disturbing energy.
  • The historians are already beginning to arise; these pages may serve as a corrective to many erroneous ideas.
  • And writing for the stage would be a corrective of a too-incrusted scholarly style, into which some great ones fall at times.
  • Various abuses in the equipment, lading, and management of the trading vessels are pointed out, with the corrective measures that should be taken.
  • The world is not only indebted to Hahnemann for a knowledge, but also for a natural corrective of this serious abuse.
  • Extreme, almost insane, as his doctrine undoubtedly is, it may have value as a corrective influence, an antidote for other extreme views.
  • Yet the idea of the sacred city is not only the link of them both, it is the only serious justification and the only serious corrective of them both.
  • Perhaps the best mental corrective of this condition is to employ the mind for a short time in a direction most contrasted to that in which it has been overworked.
  • Sometimes the whole efficiency of the treatment administered as a corrective for a moral disorder depends upon the readiness and willingness with which it is taken.
  • Miss Pinshon hinted something about the corrective qualities of mathematics; but I was too happy to heed her or care.
  • This is the kind of question about which the democracy is liable to be misled, being without the corrective of direct personal contact with the facts to keep it straight.
  • The corrective of this is a return to first principles: principles so fundamental that they suffer no change, however new and various their illustrations.
  • First, that all punishments are designed for the good of the whole, and less or corrective punishments for the good of the offender, is admitted.
  • Islam is an admirable corrective of heathenism; it brings the scattered and bewildered worshippers of idols together in one lofty faith and one simple rule.
  • If quantities are known in microfarads and are to be used in calculations in which the values of the capacity require to be farads, care should be taken to introduce the proper corrective factor.
  • Many dyspeptics take an inordinate amount of bicarbonate of soda, an excellent corrective to acidity of the stomach when partaken of occasionally, and in small portions.
  • The excess profits tax was levied as a sequent corrective to this necessary first step, so as to take the undue profits of the large producer back to the public.
  • In mutual acquaintance by common association, wherever such intercourse can be brought about, lies the corrective of much present misunderstanding that separates us.

Definition of Corrective

Of or pertaining to correction; serving to correct. | (obsolete) Qualifying; limiting. | Something that corrects or counteracts something.
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