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  • Each is correspondingly precious to the other.
  • And he was correspondingly elated.
  • Jack was correspondingly elated.
  • His answer was correspondingly low and soft.
  • The idea was new to her, and correspondingly annoying.
  • Imaizumi and Tamiya were correspondingly depressed.
  • The reverse correspondingly contains Cols.
  • But the pursuit of our main army was not correspondingly vigorous.
  • I had not dared to hope for this and felt correspondingly relieved.
  • A cutting on a ridge is correspondingly unlikely to restock.
  • The wrench of separation would have been correspondingly harder to bear.
  • The shooting here was at very short range, and correspondingly accurate.
  • All of a sudden pilots were in great demand, and were correspondingly scarce.
  • Yet, of course, the audiences were correspondingly unexacting.
  • Laura, however, saw the movement and was correspondingly elated.
  • In height he was but five feet five inches, and correspondingly slender.
  • X-Ray seemed in high spirits, and Ethan correspondingly depressed.

How To Use Correspondingly In A Sentence?

  • While their resources are exceedingly limited their needs and desires are correspondingly few.
  • His extremely wide and varied experience with the opposite sex had made him correspondingly wise.
  • The financial distress which has followed, has correspondingly affected many other industries.
  • The deer was the largest he had yet laid low, and he was correspondingly proud of the showing.
  • Through this individuality it is, therefore, full of associations, and correspondingly beloved.
  • He was a giant in build, being much over six feet in height, and correspondingly powerful.
  • It was a great hunt, and the Americans were correspondingly proud of their success.
  • I was deprived of the use of all external faculties, while those of the soul were correspondingly increased.
  • Rolling stock was correspondingly small, and the counting of the trucks in the sidings was not difficult.
  • Meanwhile the education of the race of men and women who once dwelt there has correspondingly lost its culture aspect.
  • By this means the general executive authority of the state is weakened and its responsibility correspondingly diminished.
  • On the other hand, the value of the products they can destroy is raised in a correspondingly high degree.
  • As they carried on business on a large scale, it may be supposed that the traffic was correspondingly great.
  • So great was his popularity, that his influence correspondingly increased and he was chosen prior of his famous convent.
  • The winners of any hand were exasperatingly condescending to the losers, and the losers correspondingly bitter and tremulous.
  • Whenever the muscles about the mouth are distinct, the character is correspondingly positive, and the reverse.
  • The price of wheat and corn was correspondingly low, if the farmer had a surplus to sell at harvest time.
  • The anatomist shows us that correspondingly only certain nervous tracts have the anatomical equipment by which they become ready for functioning.
  • As a result, the magnetic reluctance of the circuit has been greatly decreased and the strength of the magnet correspondingly increased.
  • This discovery immediately caused the price of sulphur to fall, and the great demand therefore correspondingly ceased.
  • The host bowed again; for in those days wine served in bottles was not common, and was correspondingly dear.
  • Wisemann must have stood six-foot nine if an inch, and in addition to his height his frame was correspondingly large.
  • As the valley narrowed, the grade became much steeper, and their progress was correspondingly slower.

Definition of Correspondingly

In a corresponding manner; conformably.
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