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  • It piles up corrosion in the tubes too fast.
  • His deference wore away under the corrosion of Steinberg and distress.

How To Use Corrosion In A Sentence?

  • This pinch of necessity was of the quality of corrosion on what must have been meant for the consummate experience.
  • Even if this cracks in part the iron is more or less protected from corrosion so long as any zinc remains.
  • To save a pound of iron from corrosion is then as much a benefit to the world as to produce another pound from the ore.
  • Even the corrosion of the cork of an acid bottle caught his eye and he wondered that the doctor did not use glass stoppers.
  • It is a state of preservation, of rest; very relatively, since representations suffer incessant corrosion and change.
  • The author investigated the action of hypochlorite on galvanised pipes in 1914 and was unable to detect any definite corrosion with normal concentrations of chlorine.
  • Now add to the corrosion of the membrane and the paralysis of the brain-centres from alcoholics the other inciting causes in the culture of disease, and you have the evolution of the drunkard.
  • In combination with its rival as a tungsten-molybdenum alloy it is capable of taking the place of the intolerably expensive platinum, for it resists corrosion when used for spark plugs and tooth plugs.
  • If the corrosion of pipes is considered according to the electrolytic theory, a slight increase, due to an increased electrical conductivity, might be anticipated.
  • If pipe corrosion is considered by the carbonic acid hypothesis, the use of bleach should tend to reduce it because bleach contains an excess of base that combines with a portion of the free carbonic acid.
  • But with the clever young woman of business, in the rush and turmoil of the down-town hustle, it is such a gentle humidity it seems to work its corrosion unseen in the broad daylight.

Definition of Corrosion

The act of corroding or the condition so produced. | A substance (such as rust) so formed. | (chemistry) Erosion by chemical action, especially oxidation.
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