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  • Two ounces of corrosive sublimate.
  • Dilute corrosive sublimate with oil of almonds.
  • This has a strong corrosive action on porcelain or glass.
  • He prefers the corrosive sublimate solution (1 in 1,000).
  • By the corrosive Hours to Fate and me?
  • Give the treatment when corrosive sublimate has been swallowed.
  • Fix, while still wet, in the corrosive sublimate fixing solution.

How To Use Corrosive In A Sentence?

  • In each case the preliminary irrigation with the corrosive sublimate solution is dispensed with.
  • It slowly precipitates the corrosive sublimate of mercury in the form of a black powder.
  • Flush over the work bench and adjacent floor with 1:1000 solution of corrosive sublimate.
  • A weak lotion of thymol, corrosive sublimate or ichthyol would doubtless be equally effectual.
  • Oil of Chocolate also taken seasonably, may be a wonderful Antidote against corrosive Poisons.
  • Binet explained that he wanted a corrosive to make himself some copperwater with which to remove rust from his hunting things.
  • A surgeon's wife died from corrosive sublimate, given in a draught by her husband.
  • You read but the other day of an esteemed fellow-citizen who died from inhaling the vapors of a broken demijohn of a corrosive acid.
  • For their extirpation the only effectual remedy is frequently bathing the part affected with a mixture of spirits of wine and corrosive sublimate.
  • Since alundum is porous and not attacked by acids it is used for filtering hot and corrosive liquids that would eat up filter-paper.
  • Those were the days when the 'spoils-system' had begun to act with corrosive effect on public affairs and public men.
  • It seemed nothing but a fearsome forest of oxydized spikes rising in corrosive silence, with here and there a lean slash of valley.
  • I ostentatiously threw the water out of the glass, poured a big shot of the corrosive stuff, and downed it.
  • As in Australia, arsenic and corrosive sublimate in springs and provisions have diminished their number.
  • His disposition, though impervious to the repeated shafts of unkind fortune, was not proof against the corrosive effect of jealousy.
  • As the name (caustic soda) indicates, it is a very corrosive substance, having a disintegrating action on most animal and vegetable tissues.
  • A lotion of corrosive sublimate, one to four grains to the ounce; infusion of tobacco; a ten to twenty per cent.
  • Treatment consists of frequent soap-and-water washings, and the application of boric acid, resorcin, and corrosive sublimate lotions.
  • I have mutes ready to obey my wishes, and a corrosive burning acid, which will eat deeply into the flesh of the proud Acota.
  • The organisers of this exhibition have done what lay in their power to prevent the blighting and corrosive influence of party from being extended to it.
  • Besides these, I took some corrosive sublimate, intended for the preparation of animal skins, and some photographic clips.
  • And thou, corrosive blasts of time, by all things mortal feared, Thy buffets and thy rage are unavailing!
  • The idealistic abstraction, God, is a corrosive poison, which destroys and decomposes life, falsifies and kills it.
  • The quality of some of the dentifrice powders advertised in newspapers is extremely suspicious, and there is reason to think that they are not altogether free from a corrosive ingredient.
  • Great care should be observed not to allow this very corrosive acid to come into contact with the skin, as an ulcer will be the consequence that will be extremely difficult to heal.
  • The cylinders of combustion engines and the casing of cannon have been made to withstand the unprecedented pressure and corrosive action of the fiery gases evolved within.
  • It is much more powerful in its action than sulphur, and has a great advantage over corrosive sublimate and other strong disinfectants in that it is not so poisonous to animals as it is to bacteria and fungi.
  • The presence of traces of calcium chloride and chloro-organic compounds might tend to increase the corrosive properties of a water but this increase is probably so small as to be negligible.
  • The sap and leaves have a peculiar irritating or almost corrosive property, and in the spring of the year many fatal cases of intestinal disease are caused by it.
  • When cast into sticks it is called lunar caustic, for it has a very corrosive action on flesh, and is sometimes used in surgery to burn away abnormal growths.

Definition of Corrosive

Eating away; having the power of gradually wearing, hanging, or destroying the texture or substance of a body; as the corrosive action of an acid. | Having the quality of fretting or vexing. | destroying or undermining something gradually
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