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  • He was a brilliant enemy of corruption and servility.
  • Russia was torn by corruption and popular discontent.
  • It shall put off corruption, and remain incorruptible.
  • Leaven is always the type of evil, corruption and sin.
  • Sebastian, corruption and treachery of; detection of.
  • Graft, corruption, and patronage had taken its toll.
  • The latter then appears as but their corruption and falsification.
  • Corruption and peculation on the part of officials were severely punished.
  • Corruption and tyranny appeared, and were not by any means negligible.
  • Such revolts are always reactions against surrounding corruption and darkness.
  • And when dissolution is complete, then follow corruption and putrefaction.
  • The first object of dread is moral corruption, and not mental error.
  • A corruption, and then a later purification through the Medes, sounds Quixotic.

How To Use Corruption And In A Sentence?

  • Time was needed to close the springs of corruption and to bring reform to the parliament itself.
  • You have gone from corruption to corruption, and now you have culminated in crime.
  • There was a perfect carnival of robbery and corruption, and the people paid for all.
  • He found his hard life a very hopeless struggle against corruption and cruelty of every kind.
  • Manifestly corruption and disease were not to stand between him and those who sought God in him.
  • The reign of corruption and despotic inefficiency, tempered only by the student revolt, set in.
  • Corruption and violence are the two main characteristics of all elections in "democratic" Hungary.
  • For the rough injustice of the sword there were substituted the intricacies of corruption and bribery.
  • This was held up as a model of corruption and an example of the type of decision to be expected from a gambling lawyer.
  • He is the inspiring power of this life, that keeps it from rotting in its corruption and degradation.
  • It is a perfectly stagnant pool where there is no motion, and there you get corruption and not life.
  • This decision of the august courts opened the way for the greatest orgy of corruption and the most stupendous frauds.
  • Many of the new views professed are sheer superstition, and their morality is a mere cloak for their corruption and wickedness.
  • We like to dwell on this phase of our theme, for soon we shall have to descend to the very depths of corruption and impurity.
  • The original stock being nearly everywhere extinct, the races have become degenerated amidst corruption and ignorance.
  • She can give you simply honors, but with these the deadly poison of her own corruption, and a future full of awful peril.
  • We need waste no words on the corruption and intellectual trifling of the society into which Voltaire was thus launched.
  • The land-grant policy entailed corruption and waste, of course; but what mattered a few million acres of land!
  • In fact, the cruelty, corruption, and vice which reigned in every branch of the royal family increased rather than diminished.
  • To find the cause of man's corruption and condemnation, we must go back to Eden.
  • But she has soiled herself with political corruption, and has disgraced the cause of republican government by those whom she has placed in her high places.
  • I have mentioned the little Oval Onthophagus as a lover of carrion corruption; and my memory does not recall any other example of the kind.
  • The patriotic troops were enraged by the corruption and inadequacy all about them and by the fortresses of privilege reared by aliens on their coasts and in their greatest inland cities.
  • He was the last of the patriarchs to stand out against the corruption and the frivolity of the court, and henceforth the archbishops were but subservient adherents of the emperor and the empress.
  • Her spirit lifted the pathetic, febrile struggle of weakness with corruption, and turned it to a splendid, Titanic, and unearthly combat.
  • Let us consider, first, the corruption and condemnation of man; and secondly, his gracious restoration to the favor of his offended God.
  • It is a period of decadence, and the reader cannot help but pity the two sisters who were endeavoring to uphold a decaying dynasty in the midst of corruption and folly.
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