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  • This is corruption of the mind.
  • He was a brilliant enemy of corruption and servility.
  • Such a policy breeds corruption inevitably.
  • A systematic corruption of the voters was now begun.
  • A double corruption was thus proceeding.
  • In his corruption the lips of the old man seemed to move.
  • A corruption of Endrickdale.
  • The word is a corruption of Mahomet.
  • But when did this corruption commence among the Templars?
  • A corruption of the Tamil word pattankatti.
  • An ancient Terran language corruption of road.
  • Talisman," is a corruption of the Arabic word "talsam.
  • Leonardo da Vinci is the same, but Leonardo loves the corruption maliciously.

How To Use Corruption In A Sentence?

  • The legislators themselves acknowledged that corruption was too strong to be withstood.
  • Time was needed to close the springs of corruption and to bring reform to the parliament itself.
  • Their language is a corruption of many others with a loss of some of their own original language.
  • The corruption of the venal politicians of the nation stinks aloud in the nostrils of all men.
  • Pension and corruption he laid bare, and upon the people he breathed a spirit of independence.
  • In Shakespeare it is a kind of corruption in the flesh and a conscious revolt from this.
  • The name is perhaps but a scribal corruption of Bethlehem or of Bethzur further to the south.
  • Until honesty shall be made ridiculous and successful corruption shall be held up for admiration and praise.
  • This decision of the august courts opened the way for the greatest orgy of corruption and the most stupendous frauds.
  • It would indicate a corruption of social life at the fountain-head that must lead to serious consequences.
  • If corruption was flagrant in the early decades of the nineteenth century, it was triply so in the middle decades.
  • But this corruption is caryed with a stronger tyde then reason can resist, and we wil not stryve with the stream.
  • They charged him, in their libels and seditious conversations, as having first reduced corruption to a system.
  • It showed up the rottenness and corruption of the instruments through which the Russian government functioned.
  • It was a systematic corruption springing entirely from the propertied classes; they demanded it, were responsible for it and kept it up.
  • This corruption was by no means one existing despite him and his class, and one that was therefore accepted grudgingly as an irremediable evil.
  • It is a varnished and highly colored evidence, beneath which a wide extent of corruption can be seen, the moment its curtain is removed.
  • A sense of corruption in the flesh makes Hamlet frenzied, for he will never admit that it is his own flesh.
  • Thus, arbitrary will (the last corruption of ruling power) step by step poisons the heart of every citizen.
  • Like the old Hebrew prophet, he lived in the midst of a corruption which he was helpless to remedy, and which saddened his inmost soul.
  • But all these will fail to satisfy her pride, unless she can cleanse herself from that corruption by which her political democracy has debased itself.
  • Thus far, for all the corruption of our hearts, we had maintained the practice of church-going, thinking, maybe, poor fools!
  • The decline of the Ottoman Empire was due to the corruption of the Turks that followed acquisition of wealth.
  • The corruption of our political maxims has relaxed the tone of public morals and degraded the public authorities from terror to the accomplices of evil-doers.
  • Jealous of power, ministers set themselves to restore by corruption an absolute authority, and recover by bribery the prerogative that had been lost.
  • It would be improper that the Virgin Mother should be allowed to see corruption if her Son was exempted from the indignity.

Definition of Corruption

The act of corrupting or of impairing integrity, virtue, or moral principle; the state of being corrupted or debased; loss of purity or integrity; depravity; wickedness; impurity; bribery. | The act of corrupting or making putrid, or state of being corrupt or putrid; decomposition or disorganization, in the process of putrefaction; putrefaction; deterioration. | The product of corruption; putrid matter.
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