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  • The rarest, costliest stuff in the System.
  • This is the most precious bestowal, the costliest of all gifts.
  • Kateri's soul was indeed of rarest and costliest mould.
  • It is well known that they drink the costliest as well as the cheapest grades.
  • The candles were brought, and Griselda arrayed herself in her costliest robes.

How To Use Costliest In A Sentence?

  • What cared he at that moment for his costliest treasures, his wine, his horses?
  • We run upstairs to put on our costliest shoes and stockings, and our most perishable gown.
  • He puts his costliest wine in myrrhine vases; he builds his temple with the lordliest cedars.
  • The costliest jewels and handsomest laces Imparted their charms to embellish their graces.
  • While jewels and pearls are costly things, The costliest still is a loving wife.
  • We must, if need be, cast away our costliest treasures that we may make room....
  • I stooped down and drank of this water of flames and the scent and the taste of it were as those of the costliest wine.
  • His face was covered with glossy black whiskers, his clothes were the costliest and his jewelry the most expensive.
  • So the king made them a speech, and said he had lost his costliest ring, and was quite sure it had been stolen.
  • There was a long cloth coat to match, and a hat of the costliest simplicity; and she was not used to traveling dressed as for a party.
  • Warriors of Teutonic race invaded its splendid cities, destroyed without remorse the costliest and most beautiful of its antique treasures.
  • A lady descends, 230 Wrapped in costliest sables, A lackey behind her.
  • These legumes will add nitrogen to the soil and help to reduce the fertilizer bills, for nitrogen is the costliest of all the fertilizer materials which we buy.
  • The audacious Joey did give Vicki jewelry, and a necklace if you please, the prettiest and obviously the costliest thing you can imagine.
  • Everyone was dressed in the most sumptuous manner; the minstrels and heralds were clothed in the costliest garments; the knights who were engaged in the sports and their horses were most gorgeously arrayed.
  • She can speak of strange maladies that have broken out as if spontaneously, but were found to have been imported from foreign lands with rich silks and other merchandise, the costliest portion of the cargo.

Definition of Costliest

superlative form of costly: most costly
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