Cougars In A Sentence

Definition of Cougars

plural of cougar

How To Use Cougars In A Sentence?

  • I knew two men in Missoula who were once attacked by cougars in a very curious manner.
  • Most cougars that are killed by still-hunters are shot by accident while the man is after other game.
  • I have known several instances of cougars being roped in this way; in one the animal was brought into camp alive by two strapping cowpunchers.
  • All the cougars he killed were either treed or brought to bay in a canebrake by the hounds; and they often handled the pack very roughly in the death struggle.
  • I should have no more hesitation in sleeping out in a wood where there were cougars, or walking through it after nightfall, than I should have if the cougars were tomcats.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cougars | Cougars Sentence

  • Evidently the cougars were only trying to get at the venison.

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