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  • People who could handle the outdoors.
  • Mebbe Paul could handle it.
  • But I could handle you most handsomely.
  • The voltage was so low that one could handle them with impunity.
  • She could handle a boat in bad weather with the best of them.
  • Always had an idea you could handle something big if you went after it.
  • I could handle him so that he couldn't do much harm.
  • There's no one else who could handle the job.
  • I believe you could handle 'em, too.
  • In a few months he could handle the key about as well as the station-agent.
  • I take off my hat to any man that could handle a busted circus like you did.
  • She had worked hard ever since she could handle a broom or flirt a duster.
  • Only he could handle it aright; no one else would be able to manage it.
  • I rather think we could handle 'em all, in a regular set-to, with fists.

How To Use Could Handle In A Sentence?

  • Everybody who could handle a weapon of any kind had to take his place in the ranks.
  • Orders as large as they could handle were placed with all these firms on the outbreak of war.
  • Flying fast was no more dangerous than flying slowly, if a man could handle his plane.
  • The stretcher had been made purposely narrow at the foot, so that one bearer could handle it.
  • He just took naturally to those levers and gadgets, and could handle his plane like a toy.
  • He said he believed he could handle two or three more, but it might make it a little crowded.
  • Without being a rifleman, Joe could handle fire-arms with no trifling dexterity.
  • All through the dark, Mackay and those of his men who could handle an oar rowed unceasingly.
  • Miss Vost, as he realized after that demonstration in the areaway, could handle herself.
  • His dome was kind of flat, but he could handle one idea, in single harness, at a time.
  • If the old mummy was right in his guess Doak could have more trouble than one man could handle.
  • Tonto, he was sure, could handle things at the ranch house until Wallie returned.
  • The wounded, chiefly English, were coming in faster than the hospital corps could handle them.
  • R.C., who could handle an axe as he used to swing a baseball bat, made fun of my efforts.
  • You see she could handle the managers in her own interest, but she didn't know what to do with me.
  • One of the rules of the road said a man must be twenty-one years old before he could handle a locomotive.
  • The same process was then repeated with all the articles which she could handle, and she very easily learned to place the proper labels upon them.
  • I could handle men at my will; but I began to ask myself questions as to the use of doing it at all.
  • But in spite of this her boarders were called away; whereupon every man who could handle cutlass and revolver made ready and stood by.
  • Sylvie Jacquemont could handle robots; she would ride in the front seat of the jeep while he piloted.
  • An' as for the Recthor, who would think he could handle his feet at sich a rate!
  • I have no touch at all for broken limbs, though my father, good man, could handle them with any doctor in all the islands.
  • It was a thick and heavy rope, with a noose at its end, so heavy that none would have believed that one mortal could handle it.
  • Twice he dragged her a hundred yards down the Run, but she headed him back each time to the pond where she could handle him better.
  • Jack could handle himself well enough now, and it was no trouble for him to roll over on his face and give Julian a chance to view his wounds.
  • In places very large stones have been used, larger than one man could handle conveniently, but the general effect of the wall face is very good.
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