Could Move In A Sentence

How To Use Could Move In A Sentence?

  • I could move neither hand nor foot, struggle as I might.
  • So said the Court, and spat, and nought could move it.
  • But I found my own weight more than I could move.
  • Neither could move.
  • Ben could move.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Could Move | Could Move Sentence

  • They could move about.
  • Nothing could move him.
  • Nothing could move her.
  • Nothing could move him from this.
  • Gone before the stranger could move.
  • If only we could move as easily as they!
  • Neither rewards nor threats could move him.
  • And from that position nothing could move him.
  • Then they earnestly sought all who could move.
  • They could move quite safely now.
  • But nothing could move him from his course.
  • No sighing from his heart could move?
  • What in my breast this grief could move?
  • So soon as they could move him they took him home.
  • He could move neither hand nor foot.
  • No entreaty could move her to reappear on the scene.
  • What else could move you to open that box?
  • The seamen pushed on as fast as they could move.
  • What miracle could move him when her love had failed?
  • For so long as they could move he would drive them on.
  • The troops could move on interior lines.
  • We told him he could move along if he was in a hurry.
  • She could move, but she could not rise.
  • It was a tight fit, but he could move.
  • Oh! if it were only daylight, and he could move on.
  • Before he could move, the door itself opened with a slam.
  • Nothing could move Feriz.
  • I found that I could move.
  • But Lee moved faster than he could move.
  • They had moved out so the Stoddards could move right in.
  • It could move neither way, but could still work its guns.
  • Before the stranger could move Roger was close to him.
  • When it was necessary Rennie could move fast.
  • Who saw aught in Thee that their hate could move.
  • By its size I saw that no human hands could move it.
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