Councillors In A Sentence

How To Use Councillors In A Sentence?

  • If the councillors show themselves recalcitrant, we will know how to make them dance!
  • The councillors state that they, as commissioners, have to be present at this shooting.
  • When one of his councillors advised against the folly, he caned him and sent him into exile.
  • The other councillors worked from a sense of duty, possibly urged by a worthy ambition.
  • She looked up with a bright smile, and motioned the two councillors to a seat at her table.
  • The three new Councillors were not long in discovering that their places were sinecures.
  • The councillors who have been elected come into office on the 8th March in the year of election.
  • Privy Councillors of rank lower than the foregoing, according to date they were sworn in.
  • Now the Councillors present seemed to find no answer, for they did not know what to say.
  • Then the Court broke up, and as the lords and councillors went by they looked on me with mockery.
  • Those around him were his favorite councillors and the bitterest foes of New England.
  • It was even debated whether Councillors should be admitted to membership in the General Assembly.
  • About half of the time of the secretaries and councillors is devoted to correspondence and half to conferences.
  • The councillors were not allowed to be the only people to enjoy fascinating pictures of gorgeous pageants and ceremonials.
  • He at once caused himself to be announced at the palace, and the king and his councillors conducted him into the room where the princess was.
  • The bishops were clad in their sacred robes, the councillors had not had time to take off the dress they wore in council.
  • Let us leave these and return to the king, who went the next day with his councillors to the country-house.
  • With these words the two councillors made repeated reverences before the corpse; and in this they showed their faithfulness to their lord.
  • Was it the offended councillors who had thus intrigued against him, some jealous courtier who had a grudge against him, or his own fugitive wife?
  • His councillors then reported the matter to the Government, and a coroner was sent to investigate it.
  • Calling his councillors around him, he confided to them his last will and testament for transmission to the Tycoon.
  • In the troubles that assail us we stand singly, however many councillors may flock to the door of our tent.
  • The burgomaster and councillors of Weissenfels were already on the steps of the town-hall to bid us welcome.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Councillors | Councillors Sentence

  • His councillors abandoned him.
  • Neither councillors nor support failed him.
  • The councillors sat round the long table waiting for him.
  • What had the Councillors to fear?
  • Additional Councillors must be appointed.
  • The Councillors were royal appointees.
  • He looked and the Councillors looked.
  • But the duke's councillors begged him to reflect.
  • On the next day the duke and his councillors determined on an assault.
  • Nor will he try to, unless his councillors are turned stark mad.
  • The Tudors and their councillors were under no such illusions.
  • On the evening of the 24th, he gave audience to his councillors and princes.
  • As he made his appearance in the doorway the Councillors stood up.
  • The town councillors of Tournai were asked to draw up a list of unemployed.
  • If Andros was peremptory, the Puritan councillors were obstructive.
  • They were received by Mr. Gore and his Councillors with a very ill grace.
  • The councillors were: James S. Norris, Maine.

Definition of Councillors

plural of councillor
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