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  • His councils began to be divided.
  • Industrial Councils are to be established.
  • Privy Councils of England and Ireland.
  • Over the first London councils Admiral Jellicoe presided.
  • At first there was a little difficulty in the councils of the nation.
  • Can you describe any plans of community councils in the home?
  • Indian Councils Act (1909), 10, 100, 120, 162-175.
  • The words that have gone out from the councils have never been forgotten.
  • One heard of cabinet councils and meetings at country houses.
  • She was present as the spirit of order in the councils of gods and men.
  • Desperate situations produce desperate councils and desperate measures.
  • One may have none of them, and yet be fit for councils and courts.
  • There are to be national, district, and workshop councils set up.
  • But would the controversialist say that these Councils were infallible?

How To Use Councils In A Sentence?

  • In this room the family councils are held and the dear invalids nursed back to life.
  • The French were dispirited; and uncertainty and divided councils pervaded their camp.
  • But it flattered me to be taken, as it were, into the inner councils of such great folk....
  • When you go back, listen to the councils of Keokuk and the other friendly chiefs.
  • The Grand Councils of the nations were held frequently, and with more deliberation than usual.
  • Forgive me, but I could not bring Miss Valery into our family councils and exclude my own wife.
  • Another difficulty of more direct importance with regard to the proposed councils is already arising.
  • From that time the councils of justice have without doubt sent despatches to their subordinate councils.
  • Deliberative assemblies do not start in councils gathered by chieftains, but councils precede chieftaincies.
  • He also assembled councils for general legislation, which perhaps led the way to national parliaments.
  • Town councils held indignation meetings, to discuss the advisability of banning them from the public reading-rooms.
  • The work at the councils was arduous, yet the opportunity of associating with such men in such a task is one that comes to few naval officers.
  • It was deprived of its clerical character by the decrees passed by the Gallic councils of the fifth and sixth centuries.
  • And that all was due to the strange money of Fulualea was the firm conviction of the elders in the village councils assembled.
  • From now on the Popes continually sought to increase their temporal power and speak the decisive word in the councils of the mighty of this earth.
  • Numerous provincial and national councils have issued cruel and bloody laws for the extermination of the Waldenses and other so-called heretics.
  • It is a singular fact that in the Fenian councils Killarney should have been selected for the outbreak.
  • His great idea of justification could be defended only by an appeal to the Scriptures, not to the authority of councils and learned men.
  • When Brant appeared again in the open councils of his people, he found the red men still in a fretful mood.
  • Both parties were angry and resolute; reason departed from the councils of the nation; passion now ruled, and civil war began.
  • Great service is rendered the pueblo by the councils of the old men, and they are the "priests" of all ceremonials, except those of the household.
  • They consist of about one hundred cabins, made of white buffalo-hide, with a larger cabin in the centre for holding councils and dances.
  • The room in which our councils met was the same old Admiralty Board room that had been used for centuries.
  • The councils of Tarragona and Aragon, after applying the torture, pronounced the order free from heresy.
  • As a statesman and a prelate, he was an able and zealous supporter of the religion which he professed and taught, and of the country at whose councils he assisted.
  • If any Spirit has presided over the councils of popes, cardinals, and inquisitors it is not that of the Founder of Christianity.

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plural of council
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