Count in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Count

1. They all count on you. 🔊

2. I count upon your firmness. 🔊

3. The count accepted the invitation. 🔊

4. Can we securely then count nothing ours? 🔊

5. For he had need indeed to count the cost. 🔊

6. You only hesitate because you would count up your forces. 🔊

7. He now sends his adjutant to count us about noon. 🔊

8. But the count showed some six hundred missing. 🔊

9. Astonishing, too, is the count they keep of the seasons. 🔊

10. I could not imagine at what the genial Count was driving. 🔊

11. Terzet on Count Lichnowsky. 🔊

12. When I saw her again, I could count myself a grown man. 🔊

13. To Count Moritz Lichnowsky 367. 🔊

14. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. 🔊

15. You are a fellow that doesn't count the cost. 🔊

16. I can count only fifteen horses, but there may be some out of sight. 🔊

17. The Count has been down in the country electioneering for weeks. 🔊

18. I'm a businessman; I count costs. 🔊

How to use Count in Sentences?

1. I could lose the horses for two or three days and that would count up considerable. 🔊

2. Why then did not the Count tell me at once that you had sent him to hunt in my preserves? 🔊

3. Heavens, but a man can think a lot in the space of time it takes to count three! 🔊

4. He took out his wallet, and untying the strings carefully, began to count out the greenbacks. 🔊

5. I found out that he had kept count of my every engagement with greater care than I had myself. 🔊