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  • Minutes are going to count in the next few days.
  • This wasted labor does not count in measuring value.
  • Or would only one of these two men count in her life?
  • Instead she spoke to the count in German.
  • He doesn't count in this scrap.
  • Alcohol also has several other conveniences that can count in its favor.
  • I do not know if this may count in palliation of his misconduct.
  • But in no way worth noting did they count in the advance of mankind.
  • But a young girl does not count in the world; she can do nothing.
  • His sort are the kind that always count in any struggle, though.
  • Adelle wondered what she would do with the Count in such an event.
  • Caesar went weak in the second round, and took the count in the third.
  • After all, the number of people who count in London is very small.
  • Ha, ha, ha!" continued the count in a gale of laughter.
  • You count in the show, and I count in it, and so does the Sergeant-Major.
  • Even the aristocracy of intellect does not count in the people's university.
  • Elise gathered about her the men and women who would count in Jimmie's future.

How To Use Count In In A Sentence?

  • They are without power or influence enough to count in the scheme of legislation.
  • That the young man hitherto had behaved most circumspectly, she dared not count in his favor.
  • That, he thought, was another count in his indictment against the way things were made.
  • It is men, not things, that count in life, though that lesson is hard for many to learn.
  • This being determined, they departed, leaving the Count in the company of the jester.
  • Squeezin' didn't count in them days, 'specially if the girls wanted to go to camp-meetin'.
  • In the days of the Tang dynasty there lived a certain count in the camp at Ludschou.
  • Susan and Judith don't count in that way, even if they tried to be agreeable, which they don't.
  • The reorganization of the navy is still so incomplete that it would be out of the count in case of war.
  • He employed his time in assisting the count in the cultivation of the ground, and in devising plans for the future.
  • One must also count in an infinite number of little amateur fights in outlying villages of the provinces.
  • There was something mysterious about that mob, and he was afraid there might be something that would count in the next election.
  • I find it difficult, even under the appeal to me of the attempt, to tell how he was to count in my earliest culture.
  • No wonder that little things count in the moral order then, since they may mean so much in the physical order.
  • Apart from his rank is not the experience of his fifty years, on the battle field of war and love, to count in his favour?
  • The count in spite of the objections of the lackey, who said that his master had only just come in and was preparing to retire, entered the room.
  • The compromise brought forward by Madison consisted in agreeing that five slaves should count in population as three.
  • All the civilized nations count in their history men who imagined a financial system and succeeded, with various fortunes, in making it prevail.
  • This was, of course, a trifle, but it is the trifles that count in the aggregate upon the prairie, as they not infrequently do elsewhere.
  • They were obliged, indeed, to make every bullet count in the days when even lead was not produced here, and powder was imported.
  • We had strong hopes of the morrow, when we would be all rested, all were shod, and would make every footstep count in our western progress.
  • He found the Count in the gallery of the palace just after dinner, for this prince always went to bed at midday and took supper at midnight.
  • All I meant was to give you an idea of our surroundings, as I know they are held to count in such cases.

Definition of Count In

(transitive) to include (someone) in an activity, etc. | (transitive) to do a countdown before the start of something, especially a musical performance.
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