Countenance In A Sentence

How To Use Countenance In A Sentence?

  • It was a striking countenance to look upon.
  • I returned with a countenance which betrayed my emotion.
  • Yet it was the countenance of quite a young man.
  • Doth not the very countenance of this place move thee?
  • Her countenance looked sallower than ever.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Countenance | Countenance Sentence

  • How her countenance fell!
  • His countenance was serious.
  • His countenance brightened.
  • His countenance was frightful.
  • The countenance was now explained.
  • His countenance shone.
  • His countenance changed.
  • Her countenance had changed.
  • Her countenance lit up.
  • His countenance fell.
  • His countenance was strongly marked.
  • Suddenly her countenance became illumined.
  • His countenance changed instantaneously.
  • What he felt his countenance did not show.
  • The countenance of the poissarde brightened.
  • His countenance was sour and austere.
  • His countenance was covered with a cloud.
  • I never was so out of countenance in my life.
  • His countenance was horrible at this moment.
  • Her countenance had always the same expression.
  • Miklos changed countenance slightly.
  • His countenance glowed with rapture.
  • Her countenance was bloodless and downcast.
  • And why is thy countenance fallen?
  • And why is thy countenance fallen?
  • Dost boast that countenance divine?
  • They eyed his countenance by the taper dim.
  • It was a countenance of singular loveliness and power.
  • His countenance bore a woeful look.
  • His countenance looked much more cheerful.
  • His countenance remained perfectly unchanged.
  • At that pleasant thought his countenance lightened.
  • The cast of his countenance was decidedly repulsive.
  • My eyes were riveted to her countenance and person.
  • His countenance and guise was mild and encouraging.

Definition of Countenance

(transitive) To tolerate, support, sanction, patronise or approve of something. | Appearance, especially the features and expression of the face. | Favour; support; encouragement.
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