Countermand in a sentence

Definition of Countermand

To revoke (a former command); to cancel or rescind by giving an order contrary to one previously given. | To recall a person or unit with such an order. | To prohibit.

How to use Countermand in a Sentence?

  • I will countermand the order for an immediate attack; that will give me time to arrange.
  • General Washington and Governor Cooke were both of the opinion it was best to countermand his instructions.
  • Forty-eight hours afterwards another captain was despatched to entirely countermand these orders, and to make perfectly fresh arrangements, and these again have been altered during the last day or two.

Short Example Sentence for Countermand

  • It never occurred to me that I could countermand the order.
  • Tell 'em to buy till you countermand their instructions.
  • A wretched sort of love that, which one can order or countermand at will!