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  • Into what are counties divided?
  • Most counties have their own office.
  • Are the counties traversed to be assessed?
  • Compare its size with that of counties in other states.
  • How many counties are there in your state?
  • The majority of our counties are agricultural counties.
  • The counties were to rise simultaneously at a given signal.
  • Take the counties in our State.
  • The palatine counties of England.
  • That was the way counties were organized in Iowa.
  • Both counties were needed to nominate Montjoy.
  • He owns a bank and one or two counties out West.
  • Why do we have counties in the United States?
  • They represent 28 counties of Missouri, and four states.
  • The South-Eastern counties may be taken as an example.
  • Five counties in the enemy's hands.
  • For what reasons is a state divided into counties and townships?
  • Church spires are very common in some counties and very rare in others.
  • Sheriffs and coroners are elected in their counties for three years.
  • In counties where there is much business there may be more than one.
  • Whole counties can be found in which there is not a single wagon-road.
  • But in some counties the population increases more rapidly than in others.
  • And have not these border counties a right to expect such protection?
  • Are there state's attorneys in the counties of this state?
  • Some are known as white counties and others as black counties.
  • A great portion of the last-named counties is yet unsurveyed.
  • Our forefathers in some counties rode in coats like scarlet dressing-gowns.

How To Use Counties In A Sentence?

  • Representatives are apportioned among the counties in proportion to the population in each.
  • In a few counties there are two towns in which the courts are held alternately.
  • The inhabitants of the inland counties did not understand these subtle distinctions.
  • The banded might of six counties was insufficient to besiege him in his fortress.
  • It will be observed that three of the home counties occur in the first four in the above list.
  • The average area under cultivation of all the counties is about .76 of the whole area.
  • The next morning orders were sent out through several counties to raise troops.
  • The only way is to march up on the stage by counties and file past the ballot-box.
  • This region of the six counties alone will some day support a population of millions.
  • In such counties a corruption fund had a powerful influence toward keeping voters in line.
  • A circuit judge holds circuit courts in the several counties composing his district.
  • Thanks to its proximity to large centres of population, few counties are so much visited.
  • The counties assumed a threatening attitude, some of them refusing obedience altogether.

Definition of Counties

plural of county
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