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  • Farther on we stopped at a country club.
  • We motored to the country club.
  • Now was the nascent day of the country club.
  • They met often at the country club.
  • You see this is not Country Club or golf-course country.
  • The Tahoe Country Club is designed to meet the need.
  • The next week Mrs. Singer organized a Country Club.
  • Two of them proved to be the couple we had met at the other country club.
  • We were the last ones to arrive at the country club where we were to dine.
  • She's in the thick of things at the Country Club.
  • You can't get it at the Country Club.
  • The plan of organization of the Tahoe Country Club is cooperative.
  • CLUB PARTIES: For Country Club.

How To Use Country Club In A Sentence?

  • The next day at the country club the old gentleman was genial but slightly garrulous.
  • The country club was a recent acquisition of the town, backed by a number of local business men.
  • On Saturday nights the dance at the country club always drew a considerable attendance.
  • The man who can't talk automobile is as lonely as the chap who can't play golf at a country club.
  • I see in the society column that everything nowadays is going on at the Country Club.
  • They joined our Country Club, but they did it with their fingers crossed, so to speak.
  • Each Saturday night found them at the Country Club, and no longer dining in loneliness.
  • The next evening, Saturday, we had dinner at the Country Club, and stayed for the dance afterward.
  • She had sprained her ankle in getting out of my car on the night that we had dined at the country club.
  • The great event of the holiday week was a New Year Eve dance at the Country Club.
  • But he was a regular attendant upon the weekly dances which were held at the country club, and to which he had never gone before.
  • The Estes Park Golf and Country Club has an excellent 18-hole golf course and a tennis court.
  • Golf has gained no foothold except in the larger towns, and even there the existence of the country club is often precarious.
  • When I grew expert we danced together at the country club and at some of the smart places down-town.
  • He stayed away from the city, which was a nuisance to Adelle, but he spent most of his time at the country club.
  • Close behind it came a riding party, clattering in on horseback from a breakfast at the Country Club.
  • A noted country club spread its broad acres within two miles of our door, and I had been favorably posted for membership.
  • It did not seem so to her, and it was true that after that first night at the Country Club the quality of flirtation somehow fell away.
  • Since we have built our Country Club, a few of us have learned to enjoy ourselves in a fitful and guilty fashion late in the afternoon.
  • A little later he would go to the rehearsal of the out-of-door play the Country Club was getting ready to give.
  • Father and I could not help comparing it to the gay little dinner we had enjoyed the night before at the Country Club.
  • It may have been by this machine, or by some more familiar mode of locomotion, that the two women reached the country club and its tennis tournament.
  • Another feature of this idea of the Town and Country Club is the "rest room" for farmers' wives.
  • Outside of the city, at Burlingame, there was a fine country club centering a region of country estates which stretched out to Menlo Park.
  • Perhaps life would have been quite another thing for a number of people if the Country Club had not decided to replenish its treasury by giving a play.
  • The Olympic Club also maintains the Lakeside Country Club with a golf course and trapshooting facilities.
  • From the porch of the Country Club, George Dalton had seen the Judge's party at luncheon.

Definition of Country Club

A private club in a rural area or in the outskirts of a town, offering recreational sports activities.
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