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  • There are very few women in our country who have done more for the nation than that mother.
  • The only persons in the whole country who were not happy were the two jealous sisters.
  • There are a few people in this country who seek to have private ownership of property abolished.
  • Their example was followed by the people of the country, who made offerings to the same amount.
  • Captain Richards is the only man in this miserable country who has been kind to me.
  • Many were criminals, wanted in their own country, who had found safety across our border.
  • It's the people who come up from the country who see and hear everything that's going on.
  • That man would "deserve well of his country" who should write a "Paris Guide" for the palate.
  • There are thousands of women all over the country who know as little about what is going on in the world as do so many children.
  • There are farmers in various parts of the country who warrant the soundness of the potatoes they supply their customers.
  • So he went and hired himself to a man of that country, who sent him into the fields to feed his pigs.
  • There was at that time a king in a neighbouring country who was celebrating the funeral obsequies of his mother with great pomp.
  • We have had statesmen who wielded all the power that one man ever can wield in this country who had no sort of eloquence.
  • So he went and engaged himself to one of the people of that country, who sent him into his field to tend pigs.
  • The party may have been some wandering tribe belonging to the low country who might have come up for trading purposes.
  • There are at the present time half a million people in this country who either have now or will have before they die, diabetes.
  • He did this because he would not be one of the hated noble class of his own country, who treated the poor so heartlessly.
  • I remember no man in the history of our country who equals him in the diversity and extent of his public services and office-holding.
  • In course of time she remembered a knight of that country who had long sought her love, but whom she had repulsed.
  • People came from all over the country who had heard of Cornwallis and his wonderful genius as a capitulator.
  • I can easily conceive that there are those in that Country who would take such a proceeding on my part somewhat in disgust.
  • And Katie continued to urge upon her friend the argument that those know most about a country who know most about it.
  • And there are many natives of that country who throw away the substance to grasp the shadow, not realizing their folly till the thing is done.
  • There are probably several hundred thousand men in this country who have to work on Sunday because the tobacco stores are open.
  • If his tale is true, then, there lived even in that late period a remnant of the aborigines of the country, who had their homes in caves.
  • Then, as there is no man in the country who for love or lucre will condescend to the job, we begin to worry the Doctor.
  • You must, for example, allow for the exhilarating effect a change of air has on a young man fresh from the country who spends a few days in town.
  • I had seen persons in my own country who claimed to be these people, but they were as unlike the pure Rommany gipsies as races of men could be.
  • There are, I believe, thousands of rich people in this country who literally give away nothing at all.
  • There are dozens of persons all over the country who pose as cricket authorities on the strength of having once watched the champion practising at the nets.
  • It is safe to say that years are being wasted by students in this country who fail to get the most out of their practice because they do not know how to concentrate.
  • We must confess that there are too many people in this country who are of this kind, who must have someone to do for them what they ought to do for themselves.
  • But one day I was narrating the circumstance to a Frank in this country, who expressed no surprise at the wine being improved.
  • On the other hand, there were a good many individuals in the country who recognized that the triumph of the colonial ideal was responsible for undeniable disasters.

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  • Lind in this country, who appeared as Alice.
  • There is not a single man in the country who thinks differently.
  • The people in our country who talk about killing are children.
  • Or he might run across some one familiar with the country who could guide him.
  • And I am not the only one in the country who knows or suspects it.
  • But finally, I found an old fellow in the back country who had known old Post.
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