Counts in a sentence

Definition of Counts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of count | plural of count

How to use Counts in a Sentence?

  • The longer the staple above the minimum the higher the counts that can be spun.
  • Look for a striking illustration at the sixth and seventh counts of this very indictment.
  • In accordance with the advice of his friends and the counts he remained in his room and rested.
  • The name is thus the thing so far as it exists and counts in the ideational realm.
  • The music is rapid, there being from fifty-eight to sixty full 4/4 counts per minute.
  • But our captain counts the image of God, nevertheless his image cut in ebony, as if done in ivory.
  • Under the old Counts of Barcelona the architecture of the city had no doubt been mainly French.
  • Therefore yarns are not taxed very heavily, and of these the finest counts escape with slight discouragement.
  • As superior lord and judge of all the counts and tribunals, the emperor had a right of inspection and reformation over them.
  • The reason for this is only in part the influence of the church, although this undoubtedly counts for a great deal.
  • In the movement for public beauty, as in all other progress, it is the work of individuals that counts most.
  • He counts forward in the total of fingers or pebbles the number he wishes to subtract, and then he again counts the remainder forward.
  • If that is not done the batter measures to the cat, and the number of times it takes the stick to reach it counts so many tallies.
  • I hate the charity which pours out wealth for a god, and counts in miserly fashion every farthing given for man.
  • At first his machine was only used to spin coarse and low-medium counts, but it is now employed to spin all counts of yarn.
  • If quality counts anywhere it counts here, though it is well to remember that it takes some reasonable quantity to make right quality in each.
  • On the same day Luther received many of the counts and lords that waited upon him late into the night.
  • Robert will be greatly annoyed; he counts so much upon dear Sarah's affection for you both.
  • Only the very lowest counts can be spun from cotton with "no staple," that is, with a fibre of about three-quarters of an inch.
  • Blot out, then, altogether from the record the six counts objectionable on the above-mentioned grounds, how are the other five to be got rid of?
  • The mere fact that, save two numbers, it is all written in common time counts for absolutely nothing against its endless variety.
  • Individual character counts for less in the metropolis of the United States than it does anywhere else in the nation.
  • The ninety-nine names or attributes of God are then recited, while the sheik counts the ninety-nine beads of his chaplet.
  • Then, as he hears the Harrow cheers, he blushes like a nymph of sixteen, for he counts himself a failure.
  • Generally speaking 70's used to be the upper limit, but now counts up to 140's are tried, though the bulk of the output is coarse yarn.

Short Example Sentence for Counts

  • But he counts them of no significance.
  • Do you think that counts for nothing?
  • The husband amidst all this counts for not much.
  • Yes, counts do visit him.
  • The counts produced are low as a rule.
  • But business counts for little with us.
  • A ball player begins to play and counts his throws.
  • He counts twelve persons; then counts the passports.
  • First, then, were there any bad counts in the indictment?
  • In Aryan religion also blood counts for much.
  • Caesar counts it among the fauna of the Hyrcinian Forest.
  • Good principle counts for more than can be expressed; it is essential.
  • Her Royal Highness wished me to say that she counts on your help.
  • The three last-mentioned Counts are Cousins, and form three Branches.
  • Your master has lots of counts and princes visiting him, hasn't he?

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