Courage In A Sentence

How To Use Courage In A Sentence?

  • Only loneliness and the courage of those who have given always and never received.
  • In all the extremities of war there is no example of courage and intrepidity to exceed this.
  • This is how it will remain until men and women have the courage to face the facts of life.
  • We came out into the new world no teacher has yet had the power and courage to grasp and expound.
  • It is your moral courage, the courage to do right, because it wrings your heart to do right.
  • In spite of her natural courage Corinna was seized with a shiver of apprehension.
  • And so, through all, her courage never failed, her faith never faltered, her hope shone undimmed.
  • So high his matchless courage rose, He reckoned death among his vanquished foes.
  • It became necessary to promise the chiefs two thousand dollars before they would consent to take courage again.
  • Surprised into silence, he studied her with a regard in which admiration for her courage was mingled with blank wonder at her recklessness.
  • She was too old for hope, and without the courage to pick up the broken bits of her masterpiece and put them together again.
  • His appeal had failed, and he accepted defeat with the sober courage his father had displayed in a greater surrender.
  • During the battle he stood on a neighboring hill and chanted a war song, to further fill his warriors with courage and enthusiasm.
  • They seemed pagan in a newer and more placid sense; and he felt a newer and more boyish curiosity and courage for the consulting of the oracle.
  • Forced to contend with small means against vastly superior foes, he made genius and courage supply the place of numbers.
  • She had courage and initiative and a philosophical way of handling questions, and she could be bored by regular work like a man.
  • Human courage and resolution have seldom been more severely tried than in the exigencies of this terrible night on board the Richard.
  • He had entered a new world, with a different standard of courage and hardihood, and the first look at it frightened and awed him.
  • As before, when grappling with other forces of nature, he could find in himself all sorts of courage except the courage to run away.
  • My sufferings during the few seconds before I found courage to confide this misfortune to our new friend were considerable.
  • It is hard for men full of courage and fleshly power to understand how the Lord works with such humble instruments.
  • I knew her for my equal mentally; in so many things she was beyond comparison cleverer than I; her courage outwent mine.
  • Mrs. Tarbell could bear her great misfortunes with courage and resolution: as she had great hopes, so she expected great disasters.
  • Nothing in all history surpasses the record of his indomitable courage and cheerfulness in the most hopeless situations, and amid the most frightful hardships.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Courage | Courage Sentence

  • His courage failed him.
  • His courage had oozed out of him.
  • No great courage or merit in that.
  • And so in the end her faith and courage triumphed.
  • Yet never for a moment did his courage fail.
  • Her courage fails....
  • He had great courage (was very brave).
  • He lacked the courage of life, the will to feel and to live.
  • But he possessed the courage of a lion, and the cunning of a fox.
  • The Spaniards were suffering terribly and fought with courage and desperation.
  • I doubt if I had the courage to make confession at that time.
  • But it was a promise Joan knew she would not have the courage to keep.
  • The real wonder is that I had the courage to risk another maid of any kind.
  • I know I should never have the courage to do it, even if I cared for him.
  • The greatness of your worship's courage is already sufficiently shown.
  • It was in a desolate London lodging-house that Marietta's courage gave way.

Definition of Courage

(obsolete) To encourage. [15th-17thc.] | The quality of being confident, not afraid or easily intimidated, but without being incautious or inconsiderate. | The ability to do things which one finds frightening.
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