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How To Use Courageous In A Sentence?

  • It is a position to which the most courageous of our race cannot look without deep concern.
  • She was so loyal, so courageous in her beliefs, such a great little sportswoman.
  • Shirley is a sweet, courageous heroine whose shining eyes lure from page to page.
  • Now that Neal had reached this conclusion he was courageous enough to acknowledge it.
  • By the courageous and steadfast confession of Luther many were won for his cause.
  • Where could I find a man courageous enough to be my lover in such a house as this?
  • This courageous initiative failed under a severe fire from fifty meters of German trenches.
  • What I believe we ought to do is to be patient, kind, and courageous in a corner.
  • We have ample testimony and proof that Lady Rusholm is courageous and resourceful.
  • He had served in the Austrian Navy and was a very energetic, courageous and accomplished man.
  • In truth it was the result of four months of the most noble and courageous suffering and struggling.
  • In any case it was highly courageous in her to put marriage away as decisively as if it were a crime.
  • The more courageous in his audience began to protest against the high-handed manner in which he proposed to treat them.
  • Which had helped him so much before, and this did more than anything else to keep him courageous and brave.
  • But it takes a more than ordinarily courageous person to embark on a fight which he knows must end in his destruction.
  • I was greatly surprised at the entire revolution in his ideas which had been effected by his observation and his courageous mental struggles.
  • This act instead of being condemned was regarded then and even by later generations as an example of courageous patriotism.
  • You need not tell me that mothers and teachers must be wise as well as tender, courageous as well as reverential.
  • At her side was the prisoner himself, grave in mien, courageous in bearing, collected in deportment.
  • You sing of battles: have you felt the blood rush behind the eyes and the void of courageous alarm at the pit of the stomach?
  • A heavy timber frame connected these wheels, and on it the courageous rider straddled, his feet touching the ground.
  • This minority did not stand alone: it simply expressed, in a more courageous and self-sacrificing manner, the will of the majority.
  • These noble and courageous words of Luther are well adapted, to prove an inspiration to every one that reads them.
  • In his upright and courageous conduct he has been worthily emulated by his successor, Coffey, whose demise occurred only in the present year.
  • That is why the pay is twice that on other stations, and that is why the company selects only courageous and intrepid men for this particular station.
  • The adventurers and captains courageous of old have only changed their dress a little and altered their employment to suit the world in which they move.
  • Something that was courageous and honorable in her forbade her to appeal to his pity alone; something that was shrewd in her warned her that such a course would be of no avail.
  • Go, then; though I cannot but consider your resolution as rash, still I admit it to be courageous and noble.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Courageous | Courageous Sentence

  • Fear gripped the hearts of the most courageous of men.
  • He was firm in spirit and of most courageous boldness.
  • I am told that you have a powerful and courageous heart.
  • Then her courageous challenge sank away in an instant.
  • Why, what is more courageous than a piece of steel?
  • Outwardly I maintained a bold and courageous rudeness.
  • Divinely she seemed to be inspired with that courageous thought.
  • This officer was at all times an example of courageous loyalty.
  • She became more courageous and sang out in her most pathetic strain.
  • Then it was that Collie made a courageous but terrible mistake.
  • The Great Trek thus lost its most courageous and noble-minded leader.
  • You begin by thinking you 're doing a grand and a courageous thing!

Definition of Courageous

Of a person, displaying or possessing courage. | Of an action, that requires courage.
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