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  • A variety of courses was open to her.
  • Nor should the courses at these schools be ultra-technical.
  • The other courses were served and eaten in the same way.
  • Such courses are open to serious objections.
  • Two Courses of Lectures.
  • Regular college courses in agriculture at these same colleges.
  • Neither of these two courses was consistently followed in our policy.
  • Look at them courses hangin' in the buntlines an' the yards braced a-box!
  • From heaven fought the stars, From their courses fought against Sisera.

How To Use Courses In A Sentence?

  • Supplementing the present curriculum by post-graduate courses will hardly suffice.
  • As soon as he can decide on courses of action his ideas of justice are developing.
  • You shall have time to consider the relative advantages of the two courses which are open to you.
  • A large part of the community is kept to decent courses by fear of social regulations.
  • The disease is rendered extremely obstinate, where full courses of mercury have been given.
  • Then in that light courses of conduct have to be valued anew, reconsidered, and determined.
  • The agricultural colleges also offer shorter courses of college grade, perhaps of two years.
  • I have no sympathy with the idea that those courses are too elaborate for those young men who want to farm.
  • Control is gained also by the acquisition of the habit of thought regarding general courses of action.
  • Evinced willingness to follow unwise leadership and allow themselves to be talked into improper courses of action.
  • There is no reason why a large proportion of the graduates of our college courses in agriculture may not go to the farm.
  • The vast stretch of country is traversed by so many courses of water that it almost looks as if it were threatened with an inundation.
  • These irrigated sementeras are built along water courses or in such places as can be reached by turning running water to them.
  • Bad example and evil training are sufficient to account for the bad courses of any family without impeaching their circulating fluids.
  • Not only that, but nearly all the colleges give special winter courses of from ten days to fourteen weeks.
  • The courses should be so arranged as to be given to young people of about twenty years of age, or of twenty to twenty-five.
  • Eight have taken training courses given by the association, varying from a few weeks to several months at the national headquarters.
  • It is bad to specialise in games to the exclusion of work, but of the two courses the latter is probably the less injurious.
  • The object is for the contestants to blow their respective balloons across the room, following as nearly as possible the courses of string.
  • Sometimes they are along old water courses which no longer flow during the dry season; such are often employed for rice during the rainy season.
  • Now, as he sat at the door of the barn, brooding over all he had seen and discovered, he felt that there were but two courses open to him.
  • In war-time it has not been possible to spare the time for the full instructional courses, but the courses continued, although much shortened.
  • The day school may give courses in domestic economy, but family living demands more than ability to sweep a room or cook an egg.
  • Many subordinate Granges give public lecture courses during the winter, securing speakers on general themes.
  • These, the most important courses of all, came, if not daily, at least often enough to keep one under constant strain.
  • Those who can speak enough English could take advantage of certain short courses already offered by the schools of social work.
  • How many deeds and whole courses of action, chameleon-like, utterly change their complexions, according to the light of attributed motives!
  • Most of them were gentlemen jockeys, five or six officers who had won their spurs over stiff courses and had capped this by brave actions at the front.
  • This is proved by the regularity with which they are placed, irrespective of the heights of the various courses of masonry, and of the levels at which the joints occur.
  • His services were in frequent demand for courses of lectures in our leading colleges and seminaries, and at least two of these courses have been put into book form.
  • Stories were no longer being used simply to predict the patterns of nature, but to describe and influence the courses of politics, economics and power.

Definition of Courses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of course | plural of course | (obsolete, euphemistic) Menses.
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