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  • Fruzsinka wished to marry all those who had courted her.
  • He was courted by the most fashionable folk of his day.
  • He never courted nor married anybody.
  • A great many courted his company.
  • The man courted cornering, especially by her.
  • I courted this adventure, and, by Jove!
  • It was a long walk; but Eleanor courted long walks.
  • Struck by her skill in dancing, he courted her in the larrikin fashion.
  • The gentry courted her, but she still adhered to her secluded habits.
  • Hugh Blair courted me as the other girls in Newbridge were courted.
  • You, for whose sake I courted infamy, And cast off my obedience to my father.
  • What was it in Silas Whipple's nature that courted the pain of memories?

How To Use Courted In A Sentence?

  • Henceforth they courted publicity as assiduously as they had formerly seemed to shun it.
  • If he never courted their companionship, he as little resented their estrangement from him.
  • If you had only courted him just right, he would have continued to grow still more so till now.
  • Yet they courted danger and were seldom disappointed, for danger was always near them.
  • He has never courted notoriety; indeed, his life has been more or less secluded.
  • Soon, inevitably, the world began to draw a little away from the woman, while it courted the man.
  • Your classmates courted your acquaintance, and the four years at Cambridge meant something to you.
  • Why, when I courted my first wife, Samantha, my whiskers and my dressy looks wuz what won the day.
  • They were courted and esteemed by the world, in proportion to the contempt they appeared to hold it in.
  • I courted her by signs, and all the little attentions that could be suggested by gratitude and love.
  • I courted her with my sweetest songs, and after a short time we were married and set up house-keeping.
  • Roman despot was never more courted nor more feared; but death was coming fast to close his triumphant career.
  • Like many folk who suffer from one discomfort, we had gone to the utmost extreme and courted another.
  • How vain were all the shows of his brilliant life, the men who had courted him, the women who had flattered and admired him!
  • He courted my forgiveness so frankly that the matter passed without embarrassment; and we had our game and spent a genial evening together.
  • They wore huge whiskers, and walked with a fanfaronading air, as if they courted danger, and despised it.
  • He was courted by princes and dined with kings and queens; his reputation was made; there was no more barbering, no more poverty.
  • I made influential friends in all directions; bank directors courted my company, and editors positively flung themselves into my arms.
  • What women want in a husband is a man that shall be talked about; a man who is courted and petted; a man who is quoted in the papers.
  • Now that Graslin was married, all the mothers who had courted him for ten years past pursued him with sarcasms.
  • A widow or divorced woman, if courted by another suitor, was approached directly, with no intervention of relatives.
  • Marcella left the old house in the neighbourhood of the Maxwell property, where her lover had first seen and courted her.
  • That evening I avoided mess, and courted a sound sleep to prepare me for the fatigues of the ensuing day.
  • Man's justice kneels to kings, and pays no debt To those who never courted her acclaim.
  • Sirrah, we shall have fine courting now my young master is come home, were you never courted Sister?
  • Gradually, slowly, but surely, the fascination of the gay and brilliant society in which Ronald was so eagerly courted laid hold of him.
  • His mother being left a widow, her daughter was courted by an officer who treated Grammont, then a student, as a rude boy.
  • The next evening Vandaih came again and sat there all night, but the friend he courted never said a word, and in the morning he went away again.

Definition of Courted

simple past tense and past participle of court

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