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  • He was neither the courtier nor the counselor.
  • This the courtier accepted as a good omen.
  • He was too much of a courtier to tell his terror.
  • The courtier kept silence for a few moments.
  • I took him for a mere courtier and political bigot.
  • First I went to see Madam Courtier for corsets.
  • The Dress of the Courtier and the Citizen, 436, 437, 460.
  • Daniel had entered upon the vocation of courtier with flattering auspices.
  • The smoothness of the courtier seemed to unknit the wrinkles on his face.
  • The courtier will not say it, for he must smile and promise to all.
  • As the bailiff reentered Newark he met again the courtier by the gate.
  • Je le connais de longue date, ce courtier en méchantes besognes.
  • Calvert's cleverness as a courtier did not fail him in his fall.

How To Use Courtier In A Sentence?

  • The despot was so well pleased with the courtier that he gave him both the gems.
  • His son had been playing with a courtier and the latter had heedlessly wounded him.
  • This otherwise pliant courtier was intractable where his religious convictions were concerned.
  • Too true a courtier to avail himself of the brutality that is necessary when we deal with brutes.
  • And her tone told the courtier that his words had been lost upon the morning air.
  • He was the most adroit courtier that you could find, though you searched the world over.
  • He is more of the courtier than of the soldier: his weapon is intrigue, not force.
  • Into the quiet hall she led him, a princess in a gown of gray, a courtier in tweeds.
  • The spark in her eyes died down, and they beamed kindly on the courtier Elector.
  • And the grave jewelled courtier Memories Worship and love and tend you, all the day.
  • If these be possible, and can hold out, Then be a Courtier still, and still be wasting.
  • Of course, Klein pays Madame Courtier a commission for the customers she passes on to him.
  • Advancing with bows the courtier talked to him a while, then was dismissed by a gracious motion of the hand.
  • The courtier murmured that it was wonderful to find so long and tedious a journey accomplished in such capital time.
  • There is nothing either of the courtier or of the partisan about its stately versification and sober, solemn thought.
  • I had rather serve the king in his wars abroad, than be the lackey of any beggarly courtier at home.
  • While the courtier conspirator was being thus attended to, the soldier, his brother, was not forgotten.
  • Was it the offended councillors who had thus intrigued against him, some jealous courtier who had a grudge against him, or his own fugitive wife?
  • There is scarcely any courtier who fears God's anger more than the displeasure of his master.
  • It may appear more to his credit as a courtier than as a Jew that the enemy of his people was friendly towards him.
  • Poggio had the art of making enemies, though he was a courtier by profession and had been secretary to eight Popes.
  • Yet he was princely, both in look and bearing, as he rose up and made himself known, with a bow which none but a courtier could have compassed.
  • Know you not that this upstart courtier has dared to love your sister Margaret, and that the foolish woman returns his presumptuous passion?
  • Valentina asked Gonzaga, when presently they stood together in the courtyard, whither the courtier had followed her when she descended.
  • J'allai trouver un vieil armateur, ami de mon père, et qui était aussi courtier de navires.
  • Sulkowski listened, Ludovici became silent, and his face and manner changed; from a courtier he became a dignified official.
  • The priory was founded by some old courtier or soldier in the time of Henry the First, who got disgusted with the world.

Definition of Courtier

A person in attendance at a royal court. | A person who flatters in order to seek favour. | (entomology) Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the Asian genus Sephisa.
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