Courtliness In A Sentence

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  • Her playfulness and pleasure in the game of courtliness forsook her.

How To Use Courtliness In A Sentence?

  • Nothing familiar was attempted, nothing beyond the courtliness of an artificial smile.
  • The Chancellor brought messages of grace and courtliness and friendliness to all.
  • She also had perfect manners, was full of courtliness and kindness, and was delighted to see us.
  • In spite of his ordinary origin Anthony Graham had a curious courtliness of manner.
  • Then mounting his stout mare, he once more waived his hand with an air of courtliness to his hostess, and was soon out of sight.
  • While strong of frame and above the medium height, he carried himself and rode with a courtliness and ease that bespoke the accomplished horseman and gentleman.
  • Agatha was not sorry, since the idea of dining under the elaborate kindness and dignified courtliness of old Mr. Harper was rather alarming.

Definition of Courtliness

The quality of being courtly; refinement of manners.
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