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  • Billy looked down into the courtyard from the room up-stairs in which they had been talking.
  • At that moment the trampling of horses was heard in the courtyard and the dogs fell to barking.
  • An open door on the left allows you to see into another room with a passage and courtyard beyond.
  • An imposing procession that must have crammed the courtyard wound out into the Corinth road.
  • Gliding past my courtyard stealthy, Like the slave who passes Turkish graveyard.
  • It was only the rolling of his carriage into the courtyard next morning which woke him out of his slumbers.
  • Near it in the middle of the courtyard are the bases of columns arranged in a circle around a deep basin in the floor.
  • The courtyard itself was a brave spectacle in its final aspect of background for the detail and paraphernalia of polite dining.
  • They all lounged naked by the courtyard fountain, recuperating from their follies in the rain the previous evening.
  • Quickening their steps they entered the courtyard of the convent, which was a low building of timber, fortified by a wall.
  • With an old friend of his Niemcewicz walked in the courtyard of the house where the staff was quartered.
  • The courtyard is shaded by orange trees covered with bloom, and the heavy odour of neroli pervades the place.
  • A few steps lead up from the courtyard into a lofty oblong room, with a deep cushioned recess containing a fireplace.
  • The wall next the courtyard is entirely of very beautiful fretwork, filled in with amber and pale blue glass.
  • He stamps the mud of the courtyard into the carpets, and wipes my plates without washing them, with his shirt.
  • Saunders whistled and wiped sweat from his glistening face, for in spite of windows open to the courtyard it was hotter than a furnace room.
  • They are sitting in a kind of courtyard of a house with a red-tiled roof, and a window with red shutters is also visible.
  • One morning as Azenor descended to the courtyard she observed great preparations on foot as if for a festival.
  • The courtyard was also crowded, so that one could scarcely move, all the people being quite pleasant and friendly.
  • When we entered the courtyard of the commandant's residence, my companion's first glance sought the windows of her room.
  • It was even necessary to keep numerous troops and artillery constantly ready to act in the courtyard of the Chatelet.
  • There were any amount of them in the weedy courtyard of the Presbytery; they came out of the holes in the damp walls of the old church.
  • What was now a paved and open courtyard had been the magazine of the castle during the Turkish occupation of Croatia.
  • Then ride on the golden horse to the courtyard of the palace, where thy coming will cause great joy, and they will fetch the golden bird for thee.
  • In the courtyard a couple of the merry children were playing who had danced round the tree at Christmas time, and had rejoiced over it.
  • The windows are all in the Perpendicular style, with old-fashioned ornaments, and you reach the inner courtyard by a subterranean corridor.
  • And the mason began to relate the events of that memorable night, and how they had carried the caldron through the courtyard and garden to a small house.
  • Siegbert hurried her through the courtyard and the mead hall, where Guthrum sat with his jarls, and into the bower chamber of Hilda.
  • I know that the gates Of the Governor's courtyard 90 Are there.
  • We have roll call twice a day, at 8 a.m. and 9.45 p.m., and lights out at 10.45, and we have a large courtyard to walk about in.
  • It was only when I had gained the outer courtyard that I drew my breath freely, and recovered my wonted tranquillity of mind and mien.
  • The discovery of this courtyard three floors in depth helped him to understand what had baffled him in his explorations of the corridors many of which came to abrupt meaningless ends.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Courtyard | Courtyard Sentence

  • The courtyard was wide.
  • The courtyard was in darkness.
  • Out of one courtyard dashed a chariot.
  • It was in the courtyard and for camouflage had been covered with branches.
  • The pebbles lay piled a foot deep all over the courtyard floor.
  • As she drew up before the big gate the courtyard seemed practically deserted.
  • You will enter a courtyard with walls all around it and signs of lost porches.
  • The prancing and neighing of horses in the courtyard scares away the silence.

Definition of Courtyard

An area, open to the sky, partially or wholly surrounded by walls or buildings.
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