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  • From covert to covert and from house to house they trailed him and at last ran him down.
  • He could not leave his covert behind the log for other shelter without my seeing him.
  • We remain in the solitude of our covert without speech; almost without feeling.
  • It was not so much the words as the tone, an inflection almost too fine to notice, a covert sneer.
  • Did the listener detect an accent of covert satisfaction in the caller's low tones?
  • He and she rode in together as modern men and women ride through a gate to the covert side at a fox-hunt.
  • She had no doubt now that he loved her, and did not hesitate to assure him in many covert ways that the feeling was reciprocated.
  • Presently the spoor takes them by a narrow game-path through impenetrable thorny covert six or eight feet high.
  • The latter's eyes suddenly narrowed; a covert expectancy made itself felt in his manner.
  • While they were there he was able to draw from his own speeches, covert or open, the relief that comes to a man in pain from moaning.
  • She had a covert pleasure at the sight of her fair little face, in her black hat, above her black frock.
  • In the dense shadow of the walnut grove a squirrel barked, and from their red cedar covert the game cocks shrilled midnight.
  • The tactics adopted by influential persons who favored the movement, therefore, were of necessity covert and very much guarded.
  • Out on the open prairies the grouse congregated in large flocks at certain seasons, and in every covert in the woods the quail could be found.
  • Elsa might not be prepared to marry Arthur, but she certainly would not tolerate a covert sneer in regard to his accomplishments.
  • She did not make a sound, but rose with a sudden stealthy motion like that of a wild, hunted thing who leaves its covert for farther flight.
  • Picking up the envelope, Molly gave a covert glance around the absorbed circle and slipped the check inside.
  • It might even," his accents had a covert mocking sound, "furnish a paragraph for one of the comic weeklies.
  • This act contained covert allusions to papists, Spaniards, and governors recently appointed by the king.
  • She suspected that one of the teachers, a young man who had paid, in a covert and shamefaced way, a little attention to her, had sent the basket.
  • But we heard a loud shout on the slope above us, and a party of horsemen led by Wildfoot himself burst from the covert and charged down upon us.
  • Very tersely, thought the girl; not, however, to spare himself; a covert ring of self-scorn precluded that idea.
  • My covert seemed secure, and, resorting again to patience, I determined to lie there for a while and await the course of events.
  • In the hedge bottom, along the covert side, or among broom and gorse, the farm labourer notices a pair of partridges roaming morning after morning.
  • She had lived close to Nature then, and Content once or twice peeped forth at her from its covert with calm and gentle eyes.
  • He was always contriving something for her pleasure and comfort; but Maria, when her father laughed, regarded him with covert wonder and reproach.
  • After first finding out the whereabouts of the keeper, I fitted a trained game-cock with artificial spurs, and then took it to the covert side.
  • Yet the more extravagant was the logic of this proceeding, the more urgent became the presumption of a covert motive, and that motive we soon saw to be this.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Covert | Covert Sentence

  • She did notice the covert cynicism.
  • In covert fashion he began to study her.
  • A covert loomed darkly in front of them.
  • He had even borne the covert sneers of his acquaintances without retort.
  • She was entirely oblivious of her father's covert glances.
  • The only traces left by the covert side were fluffy feathers everywhere.
  • His suggestion had come as the result of much covert study of his little wife.
  • The priests of Denzuin had regarded him with covert amusement and repulsion.
  • Jeannette Covert Nolan (A); 20Dec68; R451238.
  • Jeannette Covert Nolan (A); 11Oct68; R445380.
  • Maria detected a covert tone of delight in this woman's voice.
  • Aunt Maria watched Maria's pitiful young face with covert glances.

Definition of Covert

(now rare) Hidden, covered over; overgrown, sheltered. | (figuratively) Secret, surreptitious, concealed. | A covering.
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