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  • The covetous world below.
  • The covetous are poor givers.
  • Presently a covetous fellow passed by and heard him.
  • A covetous soldier is a monster which is rarely seen.
  • None dare even to look at them with a covetous eye.
  • The farmer is covetous of his dollar, and with reason.
  • Parallel between bees and covetous men, 304.
  • A covetous Man is never satisfied.
  • The covetous man is not a worshiper of the true God.
  • If he be covetous of honour, he hath several other Vertues.
  • Mr. Randolph, and looked at him with eager, covetous eyes.
  • It is a covetous grasping, a recognition that the other is indispensable.
  • There is no trouble whatever, save in your own greed and covetous rapacity.
  • Avarice bursts the bag, and the covetous governor doeth ungoverned justice.
  • Many people have obviously been covetous of these French possessions.
  • I do not think that any man would give himself to God from a covetous motive.
  • To escape for a moment from the sea of covetous eyes, Pansy raised her own.
  • His second clerk and operator was the most covetous man I met in China.
  • He is a covetous man--an idolater.

How To Use Covetous In A Sentence?

  • Be not covetous as touching shares, in seizing that which is not thine own property.
  • Of course we all have a contempt for misers, but all covetous men are not misers.
  • The shifty, covetous eyes ranged from the treasure in his hand to the threatening east.
  • Many covetous eyes of commerce have regarded it; many tempting offers have been made.
  • He only is rich who can enjoy without owning; he who is covetous is poor though he have millions.
  • Be not covetous toward thy neighbours; for with a gentle man praise availeth more than might.
  • Was it the squire for killing of his game? or Covetous parson for his tithes distraining?
  • With covetous eyes she looked upon the harp of Edwy the gleeman, and that hath she taken with her.
  • Some of the moderate Tories were in power; many covetous Whigs were out of it.
  • Among the covetous was an Officer of Artillery, in charge of a gun that shook mountains.
  • Was Mrs. Hazleton a person very susceptible, or very covetous of the tender passion?
  • Was the Rector of Lavington and Graffham covetous of an archbishopric that he broke his oath?
  • Possibly You pass a harsher judgment yet, decree Me over covetous of worldly pelf.
  • We ourselves are covetous of those things of which we have but few, extravagant with those of which we have an abundance.
  • She looked as mischievously covetous as a magpie while she waited for him to put the obvious question.
  • They have not a halfpenny in the world, so they content themselves with a covetous look and pass on to the labour.
  • And the judge's verdict appointed the field to belong to the covetous and wrong claimant.
  • They are already in my possession for safe keeping, and many is the covetous glance they have received from me.
  • Bonnie gave it a covetous look, contrasting its spaciousness with the primitive cabin in which she now lived.
  • Is the violent extorter of other men's goods carried away with his covetous desire?
  • Long since the covetous mud had snatched from her feet the little kid shoes, of which she had been so proud.

Definition of Covetous

Extremely keen or desirous, especially to obtain and possess something belonging to someone else; avaricious.
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