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  • And you are a coward to boot.
  • I was a coward on instinct.
  • A coward blames the gods.
  • That he was no coward all the world knew.
  • These it was that made a savage and a coward of him.
  • Let him laugh at you for a coward if he wishes.
  • There is no arguing a coward into courage.
  • He would be a coward who could blame you.
  • He was not only a fool, but a coward likewise.
  • You are a coward and a scoundrel, and you know why.
  • And I was a coward to do it.
  • What a coward he is, to be wed to one so fair, as she.
  • Why did I let her marry a coward like me?
  • Do not think that you are a coward because you are afraid of dangerous things.
  • I'm as big a coward as the rest of them.
  • Don't be afraid to be called a coward by them.
  • He was, as all these blackguards are, a coward through and through.
  • He was for diplomacy rather than force, or perhaps he was a coward at heart.
  • You are making me a coward in the eyes of that damned Italian.
  • When an Iroquois shows himself a coward his influence is gone forever.
  • May coward shame distain his name, The wretch that dares not die!
  • May coward shame distain his name, The wretch that dares not die!
  • Did Moses show himself a coward in fleeing from the land of Egypt?
  • Was the true love nought but dreaming, Feeble heart, and coward hand?
  • Wha first shall rise to gang awa, A cuckold, coward loun is he!
  • However, if Chico turned coward Burton and his wife did not hesitate.
  • Victor and vanquished are a-one in death: Coward and brave: friend, foe.
  • O! coward self I hesitate no more; Go forth, and win the glories of the war.

How To Use Coward In A Sentence?

  • I have met him with his weapons, and if he is not a coward he will give me a show.
  • It used to make him terribly sick, but he was too much of a coward not to do it.
  • But now every slave had turned coward and had run away and left the little master to die.
  • The delicate coward shivered at the idea of a rough-and-tumble encounter with an armed buccaneer.
  • Count Michael was no coward and he thought quickly with that intriguing, plotting brain of his.
  • The Hessians were beery brutal wretches, who would probably turn coward at a pinch.
  • When all the blandishments of life are gone, The coward sneaks to death, the brave live on.
  • But never until then had I known how great a moral coward a member of Congress may be.
  • I do not think I am a coward as a rule, but I am afraid of this unknown scoundrel.
  • A ditty that tells of a coward and screw, My Lord-Lieutenant so free and young.
  • Conscience made a coward of the bishop, but in the case of his chaplain his uneasy feelings were in some degree justified.
  • Without it a people could have no peace, and would be annihilated by some group which believed it a coward and an easy prey.

Definition of Coward

Cowardly. | (heraldry, of a lion) Borne in the escutcheon with his tail doubled between his legs. | (transitive, obsolete) To intimidate.
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