Cowpuncher In A Sentence

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  • Ham and gravy and cowpuncher potatoes!
  • The old cowpuncher laughed as though amused.
  • In the story he has been a cowpuncher and of course has no permanent home.
  • The little cowpuncher was sitting in the lobby reading a newspaper.

How To Use Cowpuncher In A Sentence?

  • Wes, disgusted, went over to where a solitary cowpuncher was engaged in shoeing a horse.
  • Was he only a "yellow-back" cowpuncher after all, underneath his Western regalia?
  • A cowpuncher who has ridden the range since he was sixteen should not shirk a night ride in a blizzard, or fear losing the trail.
  • Indian have passed, and the cowpuncher and Texas longhorns that replaced them will soon be little more than a vivid memory.
  • While she drawled the last biting sentences, she stuck her toe in the stirrup and went up into the saddle as easily as any cowpuncher in the country could have done.

Definition of Cowpuncher

(informal) A cowboy
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