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  • The cows are useless.
  • We have immense ranches for raising cows and sheep too.
  • Others have great fields of grass for cows to graze upon.
  • The corral bars were down, and the cows were gone!
  • Hospital for old cows and horses, 309.
  • We say the cows laid out Boston.
  • Foote, Samuel, makes cows pull bell at Oxford, 306.
  • Anton Mauve is represented by Cows in a Shady Nook.
  • I had my blue dress on, so that the cows would not be angry when they saw me.
  • The corral where the cows were usually penned over-night was behind the barn.
  • It is interesting to note that the cows were painted by J. H. L. de Haas.

How To Use Cows In A Sentence?

  • At places there are broad fields where the cows come down to drink the cool water.
  • At her approach to the cave the finest cows arose up as if to greet their young mistress.
  • Every child loved him, and the horses and the cows followed him all over the farm.
  • It was past milking-time, and he had come to see why his cows had not been driven in as usual.
  • There she drew flocks of sheep, oxen at work, and cows standing in the long grass.
  • We seemed most too good to be out ridin' sign, or pullin' old cows out of mudholes.
  • And some have helms, and some have spears, And all have lowing cows and steers!
  • And me with two Jersey cows full of the richest cream in Hillsboro, out in my meadow!
  • In the course of the morning they were led to the stalls where the ship's cows were kept.
  • A large quantity of milk is yielded during the year by cows sold or lost during the twelve months before the census.
  • In a day or two the master bade him go and mind the cows in a field that had half of it under young corn.
  • The composition is simple: a shepherd guarding his cows and sheep is seated near his lowly dwelling.
  • In the foreground there should be some cows being driven home by a barefooted boy with a gun on his shoulder and a limp brown rabbit in his hand.
  • In the middle distance are trees and a country house, and in the foreground a meadow with cows standing on the banks of the river.
  • We knew she had no calf, because she was light in color: cows suckling calves are of a darker shade.
  • Two cows were harnessed to it, and on the way the sacristan stopped to milk them, and then offered some of the milk to the young priest.
  • In the foreground, to the right, is a shabby old pier on which some cows are standing, while others are in the water.
  • He accordingly one night slyly tied a wisp of hay to the rope, as a bait for the cows in their peregrination to the grazing ground.
  • We had not followed them far when three cows and a "spike" came running out of the pines a little ahead of us.
  • On the left are several tall trees, beneath which are cows and sheep; and far in the distance some men are fishing from the bank.
  • The little anecdote of Gilpin and the three cows illustrates one elegant use of the subjects of the following paragraphs.
  • Horses and mules are very beautiful in form, but extremely small; so are the cows and oxen, which are not larger than a fine donkey is with us.
  • The agriculturist Bakewell created sheep and cows and horses to order, and breeds in which everything was omitted but what is economical.
  • It came from beyond the ridge, so that it was certain that the cows were in the little green valley where I had hoped to find them.
  • I had seen them hopping about, when I went to turn away the cows in the morning, or after them at night.
  • Certainly no inconsiderable man in his own country, and yet here he was, an ordinary hired hand, punching cows for forty-five a month.
  • The cows and occupation going on within, in an inner stall, are too conspicuous and a picture within a picture, and therefore would be better out.
  • I am going to milk those two cunning cows till they are dry; poor little Harry does so want some fresh milk.
  • The milk given by cows immediately after calving is called "colostrum" or "biestings," and is of a yellow or yellow-brown colour.

Definition of Cows

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cow | Alternative form of kouse
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