Cracked In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cracked | Cracked Sentence

  • Or it cracked their branches through and through.
  • And he cracked his whip.
  • Sally cracked her fingers.
  • Louder cracked the door.
  • The driver cracked his whip.
  • But he never cracked a smile.
  • The hunchback cracked his fingers again.
  • Tinman cracked his body to bend to her.
  • A cracked fiddle was playing.
  • His shoes were cracked and stained.
  • One of them cracked a second time.
  • Vernon cracked his whip at the road.
  • The words cracked like a whiplash.
  • On cracked pianos played at hops.
  • A panel of the door cracked and loosened.
  • They bent and cracked before the force of the gale.
  • The showman entered in and cracked his whip.
  • Hugh cracked it in rather small pieces.
  • It turned out that there was no sugar in the cracked bowl.
  • The door cracked more than ever under this strain.
  • What if numerous rules were cracked or broken?
  • A devilish smile cracked his lips.
  • The scout licked cracked lips.
  • Porter essayed a smile with his cracked lips.
  • The wind blew through the cracked windows.
  • Everything was broken or cracked or loaned or lost.
  • How dear was that cracked and handleless jug!
  • The skin was cracked in a tessellated manner.
  • His tongue curled over cracked lips.
  • Fernet drew the cracked sugar-bowl from under his arm.
  • The lash cracked like the shot of a revolver.
  • The whip cracked and the horses broke into a gallop.
  • But their rifles cracked by twos and tens and twenties.
  • The driver cracked his whip and away they went.
  • Raffles smiled indulgently as he cracked another nut.

How To Use Cracked In A Sentence?

  • His tongue was thick and his lips were cracked with fever.
  • He raised his whip and cracked it viciously in the air.
  • You might have cracked caps on that thing all day.
  • His thin lips cracked into a forced smile.
  • Down went a man on the left with a cracked skull.

Definition of Cracked

Broken so that cracks appear on, or under, the surface. | Broken into coarse pieces. | (of a voice) Harsh or dissonant.
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