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  • He heard the crackle of the flames.
  • A crackle of matches followed.
  • Ever louder sounded the crackle of fire.
  • Came the nearer and more powerful crackle of the radio.
  • Here and there is heard the crackle of a shirt front.
  • One of the logs in the grate fell with a crackle of sparks.
  • He heard the envelope crackle in his clinched hand.
  • The paint was beginning to crackle along the rail.
  • He heard the crackle of freshly kindled wood.
  • Instead came the unmistakable crackle of rifle-firing.
  • Their carbines crackle louder every shot.
  • Brian distinctly heard the crackle of the camp fire.
  • The night seemed to crackle with rifle and revolver shots.
  • The crackle of rifle shots ahead increased rapidly.
  • At once a crackle of Spanish words filled his ears.
  • Through this crackle came a steady rub-a-dub, rub-a-dub.
  • Hearing the crackle of a stick, Jack whirled around.
  • To crackle (of a fire); to be turbulent (of people).
  • There was the snap and crackle of a match from the shadowed corner.
  • Now we hear it crackle in our hair and stir in our garments.
  • Then they recommenced and the crackle of branches was louder than ever.
  • One expected it to crackle when he touched it, but it never did.
  • The crackle of an ember accentuated the profound of silence that reigned.
  • There was a crackle as the wooden guide fence splintered under the wheels.
  • In an instant the woods on either side began to crackle with rifle-fire.
  • This would crackle round our legs and the cold would eat into the very bone.
  • A stick will crackle perhaps, and thus draw your attention to him.
  • Over near the cook-camp a big fire commenced to crackle by the drying frames.
  • When once fire gets a start, they crackle and curl up like pasteboard.
  • And then, as three men appeared bunched, there was a crackle of shots.

How To Use Crackle In A Sentence?

  • In the centre the fire burned and there was no sound on the air but the crackle of its blazing.
  • There was a sense of home in the cabin here and the crackle of the fire was the music of comfort.
  • So realistic was the picture that he seemed to hear the crackle and roar of the leaping flames.
  • The rapid crackle of rifles mingled with the shouts and war whoops of the combatants.
  • There was an occasional crackle as a rotten twig or branch snapped beneath the hoofs.
  • If they crackle or start away from each other, dissension and separation are ahead.
  • The crackle of small arms after a slight lull rose in intensity to a continuous roar.
  • One smells the sharp odor of these fires everywhere, and hears them crackle in the fields.
  • Peanuts were the order of the day, and their assertive crackle broke in upon the finest passages.
  • Then all along our miles of troops a crackle of musketry broke out, the big guns bellowing.

Definition of Crackle

(intransitive) To make a fizzing, popping sound. | A fizzing, popping sound. | (pottery) A style of glaze giving the impression of many small cracks.
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