Crackled In A Sentence

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  • It crackled under foot.
  • The wireless crackled on.
  • Bicycles crackled past him.
  • The fire crackled merrily.
  • The fire crackled in the grate.
  • The doctor crackled with laughter.
  • How the fire crackled and roared.
  • Reminiscence crackled in the wood-fire.
  • Their feet crackled over the dry leaves.
  • The fire blazed and crackled cheerily.
  • The crisp snow crackled pleasantly under foot.
  • Khinjan itself seemed dead, crackled in the heat.
  • But a wood fire crackled on the small hearth . . .
  • It simply crackled the way the Boers shot them.
  • The paper of the cabal crackled in his hand. . . .
  • Ben's nerves crackled and snapped.
  • The paper from the envelope crackled under the trembling of his hand.
  • Harkins' voice crackled with acrid authority.
  • The electric display crackled and sputtered louder than ever.
  • She crackled her starch at him, with a buoyant pleasure in his words.
  • The birch crackled more and more faintly in the fire and sounds died away.
  • And what was it, moving stealthily over there, that crackled twigs?
  • A fire of blazing logs spluttered and crackled in the great open fireplace.
  • Snow powdered us from the bare boughs, and a dead branch crackled underfoot.
  • It was a thin, semi-transparent paper, and crackled to the touch.
  • The fire crackled in the hearth, the clock alone recorded the passing of time.
  • Dog-meat bubbled in great caldrons, and maize cakes crackled on hot stones.
  • First a little glowing ember; then tiny flames, that crackled and sputtered.
  • The snow creaked and crackled underfoot as Peer went off on his errand.

How To Use Crackled In A Sentence?

  • Nora crackled the certificate in her fingers and stared unseeingly at it for some time.
  • He piled on wood until the flames crackled out of sight in the chimney and flared into the room.
  • Then he approached cautiously toward the spot where the camp fire crackled and blazed.
  • He stopped a moment with eyes fixed on the glowing logs that crackled on the hearth.
  • In the meantime the stove crackled less noisily and the room grew steadily colder.
  • Every branch and twig was covered with ice, and the snow crackled under their feet.
  • So he opened his small parcel of mohwa, and the dry leaf crackled as he did so.
  • The wood crackled in the stoves and burnt away like straw in the fierce draught of the chimneys.
  • But a great fly buzzed drowsily on the pane, and the fire crackled with accentuated life.
  • Smoke surged across the open space; twigs and leaves crackled in the surrounding thicket.
  • A burning log crackled with a sharp report, and a thousand sparks flew heaven-ward.

Definition of Crackled

(pottery) Having a crackle, or glaze resembling many small cracks. | simple past tense and past participle of crackle
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